Kingston Road YMCA asks for rezoning, condos on the way

Major changes are coming to the Toronto Kingston Road YMCA, which is closed until a planned redevelopment takes place.

The YMCA organization, along with developer Mitchell and Associates, submitted a rezoning application with the city in December. The application is for a six-storey building, which would include a 45,000 square foot YMCA on the first level, with five storeys of condos above.

The rebuilt YMCA facility would include a gym, pool, group fitness space, child care space and rooms for youth and community programs.

The YMCA is planning to bring its neighbours in for consultation on the first floor facility, though those public meetings won’t take place until after the required public consultation for the rezoning.

Virginia Dimoglou, the assistant general manager of the Toronto Kingston Road YMCA, also lives in the area, and said she’s looking forward to collaborating professionally with her neighbours.

“We’re hoping that we can involve the local community in real decisions that will have a real impact,” she said.

“We want to create together something that’s positive, and give something back to the community.”

As she’s lived in the area for several years, Dimoglou said she’s expecting to hear some concerns about the building of new condos on Kingston Road.

“I’ve lived in the community for some time and I recognize that this can be a concern,” she said.

The developer is no stranger to the Beach, having built several buildings in the neighbourhood already.

Mitchell’s projects include the townhouses at the northeast corner of Glen Manor Drive and Hubbard Boulevard, the condos across from Kew Gardens that replaced Vienna Upholstery and other businesses lost to a fire a decade ago, the condo building at the northwest corner of Fallingbrook Drive and Kingston Road, and the One Rainsford building currently under construction on Queen just west of Woodbine.

The YMCA cites statistical data on the area that shows high incidence of people with a weak sense of community belonging, as well as high numbers of physically inactive people. Dimoglou said the organization is hoping to provide a facility that will meet the specific needs of the neighbourhood.

“We hope truly that it is an ongoing process,” she said. “Personally, I’m very, very excited.”

Community consultation meetings will be scheduled in the coming months. For more on the project, visit

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This has my backing. We especially need a pool in this new facility. Anyone who has property in the hood should back this 100%.

“The YMCA cites statistical data on the area that shows high incidence of people with a weak sense of community belonging, as well as high numbers of physically inactive people.”

What community is this? What exactly is the area they surveyed? I highly doubt that the people living in the prime Beach neighbourhood south of Kingston have a weak sense of community, nor are houses to the north in the Upper Beaches exactly an an area of marginalised people.

Or are we talking about a very wide area of the East End that includes a lot of high-rises or social housing (and granted, west of Main there are buildings full of low income people)

It would be nice if this data and their rationale for the project were made fully public. This location is terrible for anyone coming from a longer distance using transit – from Main, Woodbine or Victoria Park subway stations, people still need to take a bus PLUS the streetcar because it is midway between main & VP. Not exactly handy given that the nearest facilities of this type are at Scarborough Town Centre or Downtown west of the Don River.

The East End/Beaches community would benefit from a modern facility featuring community rooms, workout facilities and a 25 metre pool. Kingston Road between Vic Park and Beech has been re-energized over the last 5 years and this would be yet another improvement. It’s location is within walking distance or a short streetcar ride of several schools, senior’s homes and family residences. A fine idea !

“The YMCA cites statistical data on the area that shows high incidence of people with a weak sense of community belonging, as well as high numbers of physically inactive people.”

This is an insulting and ridiculous statement. The Beach is one of the most organized and connected and fittest neighbourhoods/community in the City of Toronto and I have over 50 years experience with that, 31 of those years spent helping to develop the community through Community Centre 55. Prior to that I was an Executive Director with the YMCA and it is hard to believe they would make such a statement.

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