A little perspective goes a long way

Two inmates were laying on their bunks in their cell. The one on top remarked, “I don’t like being confined in this prison. Life is so unfair.”

The inmate on the bottom responded, “We should change our perspective. We should think of this as more of a gated community!”

When life is unfair, as it often can be, we can be agents of hope!

A certain man found himself in prison due to unfair accusations. He had done nothing wrong. In fact he had acted with great moral character. Yet he found himself in prison with no chance of parole for two years. It seems every one of his family and friends had forgotten him. Nobody visited him. He even thought God had forgotten about him.

We have all felt that way. Somehow life has dealt us a nasty blow. God seems to be hiding. It’s as if we can’t catch a break at all.

Let me introduce you to two truths you can count on!

1) God is at work in every situation in your life and mine. As a matter of fact, the creator has a divine plan for our good. You’ve heard the saying “whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.”

Therefore there is only one thing we can do: “Be still and know that God is God.” That is what strengthens our character and our ability to trust Our Creator.

2) We need to recognize God’s commitment to us as people. We are told “that God will never leave us, nor forsake us.”

Don’t let your dark times shake you. Let God’s presence in your life strengthen you! When we trust God we will be stronger and have hope.

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