9 most viewed Deja Views of 2016

Our readers often tell us how much they enjoy David Van Dyke’s Deja Views column — a look at the Beach, then and now, through photographs.  We certainly enjoy them, too — and are grateful to the many of you who submit photographs. While Deja Views is a hit in our print edition, it is also well-received online. To that end, here are the top nine most-viewed Deja Views for 2016.

1. Lee Avenue and Alfresco Lawn

2. Queen Street East and Willow Avenue

3. Balmy Beach School from Balsam and Pine

4. Lee Avenue just north of Norway

5. Queen Street East from Maclean Avenue

6. The former Bellefair United Church

7. Beech Avenue, just across from Balmy Beach Public School

8. The Glen, near Kingston Road and Main Street

9. Waverley Road, just south of Queen Street East


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