Deja Views for April 4, 2017

Malvern Collegiate Institute , located northeast of Kingston Rd. and Malvern Ave.

Major additions began to be made to what is now known as Malvern Collegiate Institute in 1922, around the time this archival photograph was taken. The photographer is unknown. In the mid-sixties, the main building was closed for two years as it was modernized and renovated, and the library wing in the front was added in 1987. Do you have a photo you’d like to share? Call me at 416-691-4774.



Good to see the feature picture on MCI. How many remember the renovations done in the mid sixtes when the auditorium was redone and the far end of the school was completed to make the back end of the school joined. Some students went on strike due to poor conditions during the construction. Don’t think they could do that to-day. I believe a certain mayor in Ontario was one of the leaders.

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