Letter: No room for boisterous buskers

The Beach is a wonderful place to live and we love that folks from all over the city and beyond are able to share our neighbourhood.

However, the popularity of the area comes with its problems.
Case in point, we live on Lee Avenue and spent almost all last summer trying to rid ourselves of two buskers who insisted on using an amplifier at the corner of Queen and Lee.

Perhaps residents and visitors like to support these travelling musicians, but for us it meant we were unable to use our porch or deck on most summer weekends and evenings. We’re not mean, we like to support the local or not-so-local talent, but this is not the Air Canada Centre! It’s a residential neighbourhood! The local bylaw states that buskers need to be 9 meters from the street corner and no amplifiers are allowed.

Does anyone have advice on how to deal with this? Please do not support buskers who insist on using amplifiers – maybe that will solve the issue.

Claire Forshaw


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