Letter: She wants to volunteer but…

In response to the May 16 editorial and how hard it is to acquire good volunteers, I find the recruiting process and level of commitment required as obstacles.

The volunteer listings read like a career position. Police checks are usually mandatory plus organizations want your promise to serve – very often – for at least one year without a break. For snowbirds like me, and caring for an elderly parent – I cannot commit to that and would want more flex.

I applied recently to ‘sing’ weekly with patients at a major rehab hospital. But to reach that goal I needed an exhaustive resume citing my musical talents; two, half-hour phone interviews; and was asked to attend a two-day training. Next came an audition and only possibly then, would I be selected!

This is a sweeping generalization but I think newly-retired, youngish seniors like me would love the chance to volunteer – even quite regularly – but perhaps in shorter intervals and without all the hoops!

Jane MacGillivray

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