Pick up a book with #IndigenousReads

June is Indigenous Book Club Month, a month devoted to discovering, reading and supporting the work of Indigenous writers in Canada.

Using the hashtag #IndigenousReads for online discussion, the month-long book club encourages reconciliation by increasing Canadians’ understanding of Indigenous issues, cultures, and history.

Some of the books recommended include Birdie by Tracey Lindberg, The Right To Be Cold by Sheila Watt-Cloutier, Les Bas du Pensionnant, by Christy Jordan-Fenton and Margaret Pokiak-Fenton, Speaking My Truth: Reflections on Reconciliation & Residential Schools, editors: Shelagh Rogers, Mike DeGagné, Glean Lowry and Jonathan Dewar, Le Vol du Colibri by Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas.

We’d add Monkey Beach by Eden Robinson to the list.

June is also National Aboriginal History Month, with National Aboriginal Day on June 21.

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