Lentils lead the way to good health

As we begin our journey into the New Year many of us start to contemplate changing the foods we eat with the hopes of improving our quality of life. Yet, often conflicting dietary information can make it difficult to decide where to begin and what modifications to make on that road to good health. However, […]

What’s the difference in carbohydrates?

Often when people talk about carbohydrates the obvious choices come to mind such as bread, cereals and pasta. However, there are a few different types of carbohydrates available in our foods – and they are not created equally. In fact, the variety and quantity of carbohydrates that we consume can have an impact on our […]

Nut allergy? Try seeds

The summer is over. And while our children are begrudgingly heading back to school, many of us begin the tedious chore of packing them nutritious, tasty and nut-free lunches and snacks. In years past, the simple and yet satisfying classic peanut butter sandwich might have been a welcomed staple in our lunchboxes. But times have […]

Up your intake of Vitamin D

Winter is fast approaching bringing with it the colder weather and darker days. Many of us in Canada will embrace the ice and snow to enjoy the sunshine and various outdoor activities. But regardless of our outdoor fun, over the winter months the lack of skin exposure to the sun and our position on the […]

Enjoy Ontario apples for taste and health

Fall is on its way bringing colder weather and beautiful colours. And while I enjoy the change of seasons, what I really look forward to is the arrival of Ontario apples. Harvested from September to November, apples make a delicious and healthy snack food. And from all the recent data it appears that the old […]

Kale a truly super superfood

Juiced, chopped, sautéed, added to soups or baked into chips, kale has taken the spotlight as a super ‘superfood.’ And it deserves the title as a nutritional powerhouse. Loaded with vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, it can be easily added into many dishes or even baked into an afternoon super snack such as a kale chip […]

Sugar subs may do more harm than good

According to data published a few weeks ago by the World Health Organization, our society is consuming too much sugar. It is recommended that we ingest no more than six teaspoons a day for optimal health, and yet in Canada we are consuming about 18 teaspoons daily. Our excessive consumption of sugar is a big […]

News in Brief

What do history, Harris tweed jackets and bicycles have in common? They are all components of the first Ward 32 Tweed Historical Bike Ride. Decked out in their finest woolens, Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon, local historian and Beach Metro News columnist Gene Domagala, the Bard in the Park Thespians and 32 Spokes Cycling Club will lead […]

GMO foods need cautious approach

Reading a label these days does not always ensure that you know exactly what you are eating. There has been a big change in the way our food is being produced – specifically genetic modification of produce. Genetically modified foods or GMOs can be found in all sorts of packaged, processed and non-organic foods and […]

Food can help when dealing with stress

Whether living in the heart of our city or the quieter hub of The Beach, our fast-paced lives create a certain amount of stress – and it is hard to avoid. We all have it to varying degrees. Job demands, parenthood, lack of exercise and poor diet can all contribute to higher stress levels. These […]