Vultures integral to the ecosystem

Many birders have stood with me at the hawk watch, staring into the sky with hopes of seeing a hawk, falcon, or eagle. While these birds make regular appearances, there is one bird that you can always depend on: turkey vultures. On a recent day, the sky was full of them — more than usual. […]

How accurate are Canada’s leaf symbols?

It’s been a year of leafy patriotism for Canada’s 150th birthday and of course our favourite leaf from our national tree—the maple, has been proudly displayed on everything from Tim Hortons cups to souvenir t-shirts, mugs and some flyer I found in my mailbox from a slightly shady duct cleaner advertising a celebratory rate in […]

New program celebrates Bengali literature in Toronto

As a Bengali parent in Toronto, more and more we read English, speak in English, think in English, scream in English, even dream in English! While this is, in some ways, a necessity and how things evolve, Toronto’s Bengali Community also wants our progeny to know something about our own culture and language. To that […]

Phil Marchildon: Canadian Ace, unsung hero

November is a month to remember the courage and sacrifice of our war veterans. Many soldiers did not return home. Others survived, but never fully recovered from the horrors of war. This is the story of one unsung hero, Phil Marchildon, a baseball pitching star, Royal Canadian Air Force officer and prisoner of war who […]