Here’s your new go-to Sunday meal

In days gone by, a roast chicken dinner was a special treat, perhaps a celebration or a Sunday dinner. Now, with chickens plentiful and relatively inexpensive, a chicken dinner can be prepared simply and reliably because we have top quality, fresh, air-chilled chickens available. This makes roasting dead simple with guaranteed juicy, tender results. Not […]

Flavoured spirits more than sweet

Bartenders love them and consumers embrace them. They make for interesting drink concoctions that are yummy. Behold flavoured spirits. Producers in the last number of years have blown this category of alcoholic beverages wide open and the trend continues to grow. So what exactly is a flavoured spirit? Simply put, it’s a hard spirit that, […]

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck?

One of the most common and important wildlife questions I’ve ever been asked: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Not too long ago I spent a day at the beach walking the boardwalk. The wind was whipping the sand across the path and the water was pounding against […]

These simple steps can help protect against hackers

We are more comfortable being electronically connected to the world than ever before. Though this connection offers incredible advantages, it does come with a level of risk. The term “hacking” has become commonplace in the nightly news. We often hear about hacking influencing elections or large corporations having their databases compromised. However, hacking also affects […]

From the Bluffs to the Band

Rolling Stone recently called Scorsese’s The Last Waltz (1978) “the single greatest concert movie of all time” that “changed the way live music felt on screen”. Celebrating the 40th anniversary of The Band’s farewell, lead guitarist and songwriter Robbie Robertson has released his vivid memoir, Testimony, which tells the story of his musical journey from […]

Open Doors: Interfaith Outreach Lunch reaches out

The Beach Interfaith Outreach Lunch Program has been operational for over 15 years, offering food and fellowship to any person in need. Founding coordinators Arie Nerman and Diane Thomas knew that even a community surrounded by opportunity and advantage had marginalized and disenfranchised individuals needing to be recognized. Arie, particularly, embraced the concept of making […]

Deja Views for March 7, 2017

This wintertime image was taken in 1967 on Gerrard Street, just a block west from Main Street. To the delight of my editor, it features the building this newspaper would eventually call home. Near the end of 1988, Beach Metro Community News – which had recently changed its name from Ward 9 News – moved […]