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Private Eyes, they’re watching you

If you are watching Private Eyes (Thursday nights on Global), you may recognize the leafy streets of the Beach.  Jason Priestley stars as Matt Shade, a former pro hockey player who has lost all his money, but lives in one of those beautiful homes with the wrap-around balcony we all dream about. The vintage silver […]

pet-Angel 3

The tale of a working Angel

Angel has a cool summer job. Until the long-term career plan takes off, she’s the official ‘Welcome Ambassador’ for Tails Up Pet Food in beautiful Port Hope. Being the over-achiever that she is – blame it on her youth – one-year-old Angel insists on doing more than just waving a friendly paw when customers come […]

garden triceratops

Meet the fun and easy-going succulents

Say it slowly: “Sssuu-cu-lent.” Sounds so juicy and luscious, it immediately brings to mind foods like roast turkey, strawberries and crème caramel. But not if you’re a gardener. In that case it calls up visions of fat, fleshy plants in a palette of blues, greens, browns and purples, usually displayed in a neat, geometric leaf […]

Take me away for a summer meal

Summertime is the season for vacations: trips to cottages, picnics, camping, visits to friends and relatives, road trips of all sorts – after all, it’s holiday time. Outings mean transportable food. Here are just a few ideas to tote in a car, bike or backpack. They are yummy enough to be special holiday fare but […]

Toronto needs to find new revenue sources

In Ontario cities can’t run a deficit. Unlike the provincial and federal governments Toronto simply has to balance our budget every year. While our costs grow due to inflation, salary increases and service improvements, our revenues struggle to keep up. To balance the city’s budget we always start by taking a hard look at what […]

The latest in world wine news

Wine theme park Disney World has nothing on this place. It’s an adult theme park in Bordeaux, France, that’s dedicated to the nectar of the grape. This brand new wine amusement park, called “La Cité du Vin” (“the city of wine”) sits on the bank of the Garonne River in the heart of this famous […]

MPAC assessments are in

As we look forward to what is being predicted to be a hot and dry summer, the page turns on what was a hot and dry spring real estate market in our beautiful Beach neighbourhood. We experienced a further escalation in home prices these last three months, hitting new highs in sale values that continue […]

wild side-red winged black bird and baby_MG_1990

A tale of caution in the wilds of the city

According to my son it was Alfred Lord Tennyson who once described nature as “red in tooth and claw,” referring to the savage and merciless conflict of surviving in the wild. Though I admit it may not be as poetic, in my humble opinion, Tennyson should have added that nature was “red in tooth, claw, […]


A bee or not a bee – that is the question

Every year when the warm season arrives and flowers, shrubs, and fruit trees bloom and provide nectar and pollen for hummingbirds, butterflies, and other insects, often-feared and misunderstood little yellow and black ‘buzzers’ start arriving too. The differences between “the birds, the bees, and the butterflies” are surely obvious, but do you know who’s who […]

Berry season is a sweet treat

Strawberries are ready just in time for Canada’s birthday. (Perhaps we should have a strawberry on the flag – they are certainly one of the most popular fruits.) If you are a die-hard picker, one who is out in the field on the first day and several more times during the picking season, you will […]