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Building resiliency the key to surviving extreme weather

March 25, 2015

The recent prolonged stretch of frigid winter weather left many Toronto residents without water, and had the city scrambling to restore services. Ward 32 was among the hardest hit with hundreds of frozen pipes, broken water mains, and ‘no water’ calls to 311 and to my office. Many of our fellow neighbours are still without […]

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Pondering a proper plant soundtrack

These days it’s a generally accepted scientific fact that plant to plant communication actually does exist. They have the amazing ability to ‘talk’ to each other using hormones released into the air. They also use interconnected root systems and minute electrical signals and sounds to warn their neighbours of impending insect attacks, drought and other […]

Green drinks for many occasions

Although St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone, I’ve always considered the month of March as “green.” Maybe it has something to do with the arrival of spring, or is simply a carryover from celebrations on March 17. There are also other dates worth drinking “green” such as Earth Day and Green Living Day. After […]

Stews fit for a fine spring day

The birds may be singing “spring” but it is still cool out there. Cold means hearty foods to combat the chill. Thanks to Foodland Ontario, these robust stews may say, “We are winter warmers but really, spring is around the corner!” Slow cooker beef goulash Prepare this the night before and magically, when you return […]

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