Close-up of Sunflower seed. texture background

Nut allergy? Try seeds

The summer is over. And while our children are begrudgingly heading back to school, many of us begin the tedious chore of packing them nutritious, tasty and nut-free lunches and snacks. In years past, the simple and yet satisfying classic peanut butter sandwich might have been a welcomed staple in our lunchboxes. But times have […]


Meet Archer, the discerning Greyhound

Archer may share his name with “the world’s most dangerous spy” from that naughty animated series on FX, but that’s where the similarities end. He’d be more of a gentlemen’s spy – if he were a spy at all – a “007” type. (He likes his water poured, not stirred.) I’m also guessing he’d much […]

Beaches-East York MPP Arthur Potts, US Consulate Chris O’Brien, and MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith were in attendance at the 15th annual September 11 memorial, hosted by Community Centre 55 at the Millennium Garden in Woodbine Park.

Beach 9/11 vigil matters to all

Historically, 9/11 is an integral part of history and the lives lost that day in 2001 deserve to be remembered. To that end, the Beach hosts a ceremony at Millennium Gardens, located at the southeast corner of Eastern and Coxwell Avenues each year. But how and why did this event get started and how has […]


Season’s bounty brings special meals

Enjoy the harvest with these Cuban style recipes from Foodland Ontario; they make the most of the season’s bounty and are ideal make-ahead fare, so necessary when returning to busy fall schedules. Arroz con Pollo This make ahead Cuban favourite, chicken with rice, serves well as a week night meal (with enough leftovers for lunch […]

A big crowd turned out to Kew Gardens to celebrate East End Olympians.

Beach community should be proud of summer ’16

In a summer that has reached record high temperatures, the Beach Village Business Improvement Area (BIA) has had a busy time. Beautiful flowers and uniquely decorative painted planter boxes have added a bright splash of colour and interest along our retail strip. Some new and returning retail businesses are adding some unique flavour to our […]

Main course salads perfect for lunch

Welcome Back! Yesterday I dug my lunch bag out of the closet where it had been deposited for the summer. September 6th marks the calendar year of the beginning of a new school year, the end of summer holidays and the start of making lunches once again either for work or for school. One of […]

Shorebirds like the Hudsonian Godwit are a thrill to seek out.

Wetland walks offer rich rewards

Almost every time I write one of these articles I want to begin by saying: “Some of my favourite birds are…” I then have to step back and convince myself that not every bird can be my favourite. Then, I get stuck for a time trying to think of a different way to introduce a […]


Community is key at Calvary

Hello, Beach Metro News readers. I’m the newly-minted pastor at Calvary Baptist Church. We are located at the corner of Main Street and Benlamond Avenue – I am sure that many of you have passed us in your travels. As you can imagine, being invited to be the new spiritual leader of such a longstanding […]