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The Golden Age of movie houses

September 9, 2014

The days of 10 cent, double feature Saturday matinees are long gone, but nostalgic Beachers hold fond memories of the film palaces of our youth. Before television came along in the 1950s, the Beach had as many as seven neighbourhood cinemas at one time. Who remembers the Beach, Family/Lake, Manor, Kingswood, Scarboro or Ideal? Only […]

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Witnessing the birth of a butterfly

I’ve done owl releases, fox releases, turkey releases, and even mink releases, but the other day I was present for something a lot smaller, but just as special: a butterfly release. My adventure began when I met with Jennifer Ballantine and her mother Sandy. The two have been raising monarch butterflies for about four years, […]

The right mix for the right occasion

Mixed drinks are one of the most common imbibes when socializing, whether in a bar, restaurant or at home. There are literally thousands of them out there. Just check out any drink list in a licensed establishment. Many places have their own signature drink. While they all contain alcohol of one form or another, they […]

Inspiration for the lunch box

Summertime offered me an opportunity to try a variety of salads bursting with colourful fruits and vegetables, all plentiful in September. These salads were an inspiration for future lunches come fall. Here, then, is a sample of some of my favourite summer dishes, which let me imagine I am still on holiday during those first […]

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