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Hard times ahead for first-time buyers

As this dreary winter that wasn’t (or is yet to be?) unfolds, I thought I’d reflect upon the past year in Beach real estate and postulate upon the upcoming few months ahead of us. Of course, if the chilling forecasts and tall tales regarding this winter’s ferocity, and those omnipresent polling predictions of the election […]

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American coots are a hoot

Here’s a short tale about a neat bird with a rather unfortunate name. I tried to figure out which coot came first: the bird or the slang for a crotchety old man. Dictionary.com tells me that the Dutch may have used the word Koet about 800 years ago when referring to the bird, and I […]

The author with her mini clothing drive of 11 winter coats (and 5 hats, 4 scarves, 3 pairs of gloves, 1 pair of winter boots) for the Out Of The Cold program at Eastminster United Church, winter 2015/16.

Turn old clothes into new treasures

I felt great satisfaction and relief when I recently placed another two large bags of my used and still wearable clothes on my front porch for pickup. As the saying goes, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. This time, my “castoffs” went to the Ontario Foundation for Cerebral Palsy. Their free pick-ups service the […]

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Stir up a couple of cocktails of love

February is the month of “amour”, culminating on the 14th with Valentine’s Day. There are endless ways to show that special someone you care, from romantic dinners and getaways to heartfelt gifts of jewelry and flowers. Smaller demonstrations of affection, in addition to the above, are mixed drinks that tweak romance and help stir the […]

At Malvern, music is better together

Music is timeless. Whether you are young or old, there’s always a tune that gets your toes tapping. At Malvern Collegiate, generations collide every Thursday at lunch in the school’s very own Vinyl Cafe. Sadly, the club has not gotten a visit from CBC legend Stuart McLean yet, but fingers are still crossed. The premise […]

Yogis at Afterglow Yoga Studio.

Beach businesses nurture mind, body, soul – and fill hungry bellies

This is part two of two issues of Eye on Business coverage, featuring businesses local to the Beach and surrounding neighbourhoods. Here’s the link to the first installment: http://www.beachmetro.com/2017/01/25/eye-on-business-2/ Afterglow Yoga The sun streams in through the front windows of Afterglow’s Queen Street East location as co-owners, Julie Watson and Elizabeth Doyle Harmer wait behind […]


Feast your way through February

February is the time of year when we crave food to keep us warm – especially after outdoor activities. We want something to spice up our taste buds and take notice – and of course, a flavoursome recipe easy to prepare that will be popular with everyone. Try these suggestions from Foodland Ontario. They are […]


Get the gang together for a dram

Scotch lovers enjoy getting together for a dram or two to compare notes. In fact, lots of folks actually focus an evening around it. You don’t need to be an expert to throw a good Scotch tasting party. Here’s how. First and foremost, know your audience and cater to their level of knowledge. Generally speaking, […]


Pets needs resolutions, too

Coming off some over indulgence during the holiday season and entering a new year is a time when many of us promise ourselves that we will eat better and get more exercise. While our pets are obviously not concerned with making their own resolutions, as owners it is a good time to take a look […]