Celebrating Victoria Day with food

The 24th of May (celebrated in Canada yearly on the last Monday before May 25) is the first of the much-anticipated summer long weekends – Queen Victoria’s birthday. It is celebrated with gusto – cottage openings, the first dip in the lake, fireworks and, of course, all sorts of al fresco dining, whether barbecues or […]

Assisted dying legislation a cause for some concerns

While pursuing my master of laws at Oxford, I wrote my thesis on section 7 of our Charter, with specific reference to assisted dying. On May 2, I had the opportunity to rise in the House of Commons, and debate the government’s legislation on the topic. As I said in the House, “We may have […]

hort-Ash larval gallery001

Little beetle means big trouble for Toronto’s ash trees

Just when we thought we had established a beachhead in the battle against the dreaded Asian longhorn beetle, along comes another deadly pest to terrorize our urban forests. As Phil Lameira reported in this newspaper four years ago, the latest participant in the parade of tunnelling chewers assaulting our trees is the well-publicized emerald ash […]

What patients look for in a dentist

After seeing the same dentist for more than 20 years, you relocate and suddenly find yourself searching for a new dentist. This all-too-common experience can be a daunting one, especially when you consider the trust relationship that patients have with their dentist, and the anxiety that a dental appointment causes for some patients. Because of […]

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A tour through the former town of East Toronto

I have been asked several times about the town of East Toronto: Where was it? What is it? Here we go, my historical friends. The Town of East Toronto was a separate municipality from the current city of Toronto. It had its own elected politicians, including a mayor, aldermen, police department, schools, fire department, etc. […]

bellefair united church from turot across the street 1 pm sat nov 7th 2009 Michaels 13th b day

Deja Views for May 17, 2016

Much like spring crocuses, condos in the Beach are popping up at an alarming rate. Many Beachers are not impressed. Imagine in the future if book reading dwindled in popularity – would our beloved library be converted into a residence? Such is the case with worshippers in our community. The first photograph of the former […]


New materials bring new life to outdoors

With the warm weather coming and days getting longer, Canadians head outdoors in swarms. Since our summer is relatively short, most of us resolve to spend as much time outside as possible. In preparation for sunny days and warm nights on the patio, it’s time to spruce up our yards. Last year I tackled two […]

Mutated grapes make for winning wines

Genetic mutations happen a lot in life. On a cellular level, genes can change or morph into something else taking an otherwise normal, predictable entity and altering its character somewhat. Sometimes it’s a natural crossing of several different things. We see this phenomenon in medical science, biology and even in wine grapes. Such is the […]

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Contain yourself while waiting for spring

Holy compost! I can’t remember a spring that’s been so slow to arrive. I go out in the morning, peer hopefully for something new coming up, then disgustedly go back inside to fuss over the houseplants … again. Lately, though, I’ve found something new to do in the garden: fuss over my many outdoor containers. […]