On the Wild Side: Red-tailed hawks return to the nest

SPRING IS here. Sure, we can feel the warmer weather, but can you hear the spring, too? If you listen closely, you might catch the tune of the first songbirds coming home (not to mention the “melodious” honk of the Canadian geese). In addition to the longer daylight hours and green shoots coming up in […]

Main Menu: Spicing up early spring

March, one of the dreariest times of the year, requires spice to add zest, life and hope to the wintry-yet-spring-like month. For that reason, choose Indian cuisine. It is sure to get your taste buds tingling and adds pizzazz to a cheerless period. These recipes are streamlined to make sure you can get them ready […]

Time to start thinking seeds and trees

Every year there is a day when my partner Jared comes down the stairs and notices that the dining room table has disappeared. “Ah,” he says, “Spring is coming and the seeds are back.” You see, I am what you might call a ‘Seedaholic.’ While preparing for gardening season the dinner table is covered by […]

This one’s for the anonymous helpers

I have written many articles on the good, charitable volunteers of the Beach and East Toronto. History is not only what has transpired many decades ago, it is what is happening now in our present time. One hundred and twenty five years ago, all of the religious organizations and institutions were in the forefront of […]

East Ender: There’s density, and then there’s density done well

It might be easier these days to argue against motherhood and apple pie than to question doctrine that underpins policies encouraging new density on land near public-transit stations. On the simplest symbiotic level, the concept is unassailable and important. But cities – like ecosystems, medicine and economics – can only be understood by considering the […]