Signs of spring everywhere – literally

From our beautiful trees budding and tulips popping, to days that alternate between rain showers and sun showers, to the increased pedestrian traffic on the boardwalk – and auto traffic on Queen Street – signs of spring in the Beach are everywhere. And as a matter of course, spring’s arrival in the Beach is heralded […]

Your chance to explore a piece of history

The Beach’s rich history will be on display during the City of Toronto’s Doors Open event, May 27 and 28th. The historic church of St. John the Baptist Norway and the adjacent cemetery will throw open their doors so visitors can discover the fascinating history of one of the East End’s oldest places of worship. […]

Why energy drinks may not be worth the hype

Energy and sports drinks are a couple of the hottest items in the world today and make up a multi-million dollar industry. If you believe their advertisements, they are magic elixirs that provide more energy, improved performance, and better concentration. While many consumers assume the ingredients of energy and sports drinks are more or less […]

Uncovering the truth about antibiotics

Antibiotics have been in use since the 1940’s, and have done much to save lives, improve quality of life and control communicable diseases. In fact, the discovery of antibiotics has been touted as one of the greatest medical advances of the 20th century. Unfortunately, the past century of benefits realized from antibiotic use are at […]

What do Malvern students think about feminism?

Feminism is a concept that is ingrained in the constitution and prevalent in Canadian culture – take, for example, Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel The Handmaid’s Tale, recently adapted for television, with scenes filmed in our neighbourhood. People like the Famous Five, and former prime ministers Kim Campbell and Pierre Trudeau fought for equality in a […]

What’s in a nickname? Plenty, on “The Danny”

Veterans of the Beach-versus-Beaches wars need never be asked, What’s in a name? But it’s different north of the tracks, even if roses smell as sweet and the need for identity matters as much. New street signs went up last month on Danforth Avenue between Westlake and Jones. They proclaim the Danforth Mosaic Business Improvement […]

Remembering St. Denis on its 50th birthday

While it is the 150th birthday of our great country, Canada, St. Denis Roman Catholic School on Balsam Avenue is celebrating its 50th birthday. Did you know that at one time there was going to be a different name for St. Denis? It’s true. Originally, there used to be one Roman Catholic school in our […]