Unusually warm fall = more time to garden

It’s a warm, sunny afternoon in mid-September. My typing fingers still have the heady scent of the basil flowers I just picked off to encourage the plants to keep growing. I don’t feel the least bit like autumn. Neither, apparently, does the weather. A quick skim of the Weather Network’s fall forecast shows Toronto daytime […]

‘Old Vines’ wine is worth the time

If you’re a wine drinker I’m sure you’ve come across the term “Old Vines” when shopping for bottles. Sometimes the varietal will follow on some labels such as “Old Vine Zinfandel” or “Old Vine Grenache”. Other times there’s a subheading on the label stating the wine was made from “Old Vines”. You’ll see the term […]

Made-in-Toronto fantasy films promise thrills and chills

Some strange things landed in Toronto last year: creepy clowns, zombies, lizard creatures from beneath the sea. Don’t worry, it’s all fantasy from the dark imaginations of writers like Stephen King and Guillermo del Toro. Movies and television shows with supernatural themes have become very popular these days and Toronto is front and centre in […]