The pleasures and perils of learning to drive

Learning to drive has to be one of the most exciting milestones in a teen’s life. You turn 16 and suddenly feel ready to get behind the wheel and jet off around your neighbourhood, so proud of your new abilities. You beg your parents to whisk you off to the MTO to write your test […]

2014 colour of the year is bloomin’ baffling

Oh, my aching eyes. I’ve been spending some time studying Pantone’s 2014 colour of the year, “Radiant Orchid.” So what’s a radiant orchid? The big, frilly kind your granny might have worn as a corsage. It’s a sort of purple, but it‘s bluer than a true purple, and it’s pinker than lavender. But it’s more […]

Home is where the art is

Art has been with us, well, as long as humans have been humans. Think of the vivid cave paintings found around the world… the still-fascinating wall paintings of Egypt … New World pre-Columbian art … aboriginal art of North America, Africa and the South Pacific. Not to mention the masters of the Middle Ages, the […]

Give your home a fall tune-up

Like it or not (and I don’t), I have to admit signs of autumn are pushing their way in. I need a hard hat, so many acorns are cracking down on the patio. Kids are giggling by on their way to school. Breezes are moving in from the north. And, inexorably, the sun is rising […]

Library gearing up for summer reading club

Summer vacation is almost upon us and that means one thing for Toronto Public Library branches: it’s time for the TD Summer Reading Club! The TD Summer Reading Club is a free and inclusive national, bilingual program of Canadian public libraries that inspires and encourages children 12 and under to read during the summer. The […]

Building friendship between cultures

How does a country attempt to recover after a disaster so awful that it takes the lives of thousands of loved ones and neighbours? How does a country rebuild homes, schools and businesses when it is grieving so much loss?  These were some of the questions that 20 Malvern students, including myself, set out to […]

Seven steps to a successful move

The busybodies who keep track of such things say that moving is one of life’s most stressful events. It can sure seem that way on the day itself and the weeks leading up to it. And we’re heading into prime time. “Peak moving season is in late June or early July, though typically the cycle […]

Concussions no cartoon gag to laugh at

Imagine a doctor trying to assess an injured limb with no senses. It’s virtually impossible, right? Well, that’s what it’s like trying to diagnose a concussion. It can’t be seen by the naked eye and it is almost never picked up by any medical equipment. It can’t be heard or smelled, and the only one […]

Hot library books for kids and teens

As Children and Youth Services Librarian at the Gerrard/ Ashdale Branch of Toronto Public Library, I see first-hand which books kids and teens get excited about. Stories that are humorous and include relatable situations are most popular, as are books with quirky illustrations and a sense of interactivity that stimulate a reader’s imagination. Classic books […]

Human trafficking needs to be stopped

Human trafficking is a vicious crime that Linda Bey’s law class at St. Patrick Catholic Secondary School has focused on this semester. Her students believe education is the best weapon for awareness. Students were asked to draft editorials on the issue of human trafficking, a problem that many Canadians don’t realize exists in our own […]