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The time has come to honour all veterans on Kew cenotaph

May 28, 2014

It is the anniversary of several major events in world history in which Canada has played a major role. In 1914 the First World War began, and Canada, of course, contributed many soldiers. It is also the 75th anniversary of the Second World War, in which tens of thousands of Canadians took up the cause […]

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Beach was once home of the ‘great egg’

Now that we are in the Easter season, so to speak – or in my case, to write – let’s get into the Easter spirit. We have some unique happenings here in the Beach. One of them is our Easter parade. The parade has grown from a small celebration on Canada’s 100th birthday to possibly […]

A visual legacy of the First World War

It was almost 100 years ago that the First World War began, yet there is still war in our world. It appears we have learned nothing. War is terrible. People die, are maimed, they suffer from what in the world wars was called shell shock (now there are other terms, such as post-traumatic stress disorder). […]

Beacher won hockey gold – in 1924

Writing about hockey a while back, I mentioned one of the all-time greats who was raised in the Beach – Reginald Joseph “Hooley” Smith. Hooley was one of the sports legends known throughout the Beach area. He was a hockey superstar of the games later designated as the first Winter Olympics, which took place in […]

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