Beach 9/11 vigil matters to all

Historically, 9/11 is an integral part of history and the lives lost that day in 2001 deserve to be remembered. To that end, the Beach hosts a ceremony at Millennium Gardens, located at the southeast corner of Eastern and Coxwell Avenues each year. But how and why did this event get started and how has […]

Beach boasts a rich sporting history

The eastern end of the city recently received a bad rap by one of our daily newspapers, with an opinion piece suggesting there was not much happening in the East End, mainly the Beach. This is and was a load of nonsense. Nowhere else do you see such a diversity of activity as in our […]

Plaques showcase Beach history

This July 1 at 1 p.m., I will lead a historic walk starting at our historic Beach library at Queen Street East and Lee Avenue. The theme of the walk will be the historic people and places of the Beach, the 150th birthday of Canada next year and historic plaques that identify the history of […]

A tour of former East Toronto: Part 2

Read part one of the history of the former town of East Toronto. After its initial formation in 1888 to serve employees and businesses serving the Grand Trunk Railway yard bounded by Main Street to the west, Victoria Park Avenue to the east, Danforth to the north and Gerrard Street to the south, the village […]

A tour through the former town of East Toronto

I have been asked several times about the town of East Toronto: Where was it? What is it? Here we go, my historical friends. The Town of East Toronto was a separate municipality from the current city of Toronto. It had its own elected politicians, including a mayor, aldermen, police department, schools, fire department, etc. […]

Time to start preparing for Canada’s 150th

Next year, 2017, is Canada’s birthday. We will be 150 years old! What does Canada mean to you? To me, being a Canadian is the most wonderful experience and I am proud to be a citizen of this great country. What about you, my fellow Beachers and East Enders – why are you proud to […]

A return to the history of the parks of the East End

In the city we are blessed with many parks, particularly in the East End. There are quite a few of them, large and small – many of which were covered in the last issue of Beach Metro News. You may learn a little about some lesser-known parks, and maybe even a bit of history. Here […]

Historical parks of the East End

In the city we are blessed with parks and recreation facilities, especially in the East End. There are quite a few of them, large and small. You will be surprised where some of the parks are located, and there is, in some cases, a little bit of history. Some readers will not recognize all the […]

Celebrating East End naturalists

Recently I wrote about saving historic houses and buildings and making sure there was a reason to use these facilities. One of the other things to save is our natural history – our animals, wildlife, birds, vegetation, trees, etc. Not being a naturalist or an expert on wildlife, I bow to those who wish to […]