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What to look for in a good wine list

May 19, 2015

When dining out, wine is a great accompaniment to any meal, but deciding what to order can be stressful and intimidating. A wine list doesn’t have to read like a doctoral thesis to be good. The four key factors to what makes a list really good are compatibility, diversity, consumer friendliness and pricing. Let’s start […]

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Treat palate differently when flying

Generally, airplane food is lousy. Although better in business and first class, it still suffers. Perhaps some of the way food and drink tastes high in the sky has to do with the altitude. When we’re cruising along thousands of feet above the earth, whatever we ingest gets altered, twisted, and becomes bland. At those […]

Mocktails for all!

Remember the ‘Shirley Temple,’ the non-alcoholic drink that rose to fame in movies and television as the iconic imbibe for teetotalers? Well move over Shirley, soft cocktails – or “mocktails,” the hip modern name – have evolved, and they’re wonderful alternatives to alcoholic drinks. Literally hundreds of creative ones are out there, sure to quench […]

Green drinks for many occasions

Although St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone, I’ve always considered the month of March as “green.” Maybe it has something to do with the arrival of spring, or is simply a carryover from celebrations on March 17. There are also other dates worth drinking “green” such as Earth Day and Green Living Day. After […]

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