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Coffee definitely has its perks

Boy, do we love our coffee. For many of us, it’s what starts our day and provides that perfect mid-afternoon break. It’s so popular that there’s an entire culture based around it – just look at all the coffee shops out there. But do we really know what we’re getting out of it? There are […]

New spirits are worth trying

Spirit lovers rejoice: there are many exciting new spirits on the market, some just released, others about to be. Some may even be available at your local monopoly. From Bainbridge Organic Distillers out of Washington State comes the world’s first non-Japanese whisky aged exclusively in virgin Japanese mizunara oak casks. These casks hail from the […]

An ode to the ‘heartbreak grape’

Ah, pinot noir! Thou art so fickle. Aficionados of wine made from this iconic grape are well aware of its elusive and unpredictable nature. Why, you might ask? First and foremost, no two pinots are alike. So inconsistent in quality, it can be a real crapshoot as far as what you get in a bottle. […]

Matching drinks with chocolate

Many folks have a love affair with chocolate. Enjoying your favourite alcoholic beverage with it can be a heavenly experience. Whether your tipple is wine, beer or spirits, there’s a chocolate match to tickle your taste buds. Start off by using the best chocolate you can find that contains quality ingredients and delivers ultimate creaminess. […]

Libation news from around the world

Happy New Year! Here are some interesting drink-related news items from around the world to start off 2016. Hard Root Beer Hold onto your mugs, folks, there’s a new drink on the market that’s taking off big-time. If you like root beer, then you’ll love the new “hard” version out there. It tastes just like […]

Top 10 vinous New Year’s resolutions

It’s the holiday season and “good cheer” is everywhere. The New Year is almost here. Many folks around the world make resolutions of sorts that they hope to keep come January 1. Common ones include things like exercising more or eating better. Ever wonder what resolutions wine lovers make? Following are the top 10 vinous […]

Beers for cold weather

Most beer drinkers are not affected by the weather. However, as the temperature plummets, a frosty, light, crisp thirst quencher doesn’t quite cut it. A little more substance is required, so beer lovers tend to cruise more to the heavier, bigger styles with fuller, maltier flavours. These generally contain higher alcohol than warm weather brews […]

What determines wine prices?

It’s a fact of life: some wines simply cost more than others. There are many reasons for this. Let’s start in the vineyard. Certain grapes are harder to grow and require more vineyard management like pruning, canopy control and bacteria/pest prevention. Older vines produce less – but better – fruit, and maintaining them is more […]

The cask is the key to whisky

Whether you’re a lover of Scotch, rye, bourbon or Irish whisky, I’m sure you know that these spirits are aged in oak barrels. These barrels soften whisky’s attack and add additional character and flavour. However, what was in the barrel before it was used for the spirit, the size of the barrel, type of oak […]