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Enjoy the taste of local all summer

August 27, 2014

Enjoy the great outdoors with these recipes from Foodland Ontario starring our own local ingredients at their best! Planked Brie with Blueberry Chutney Serve this barbecued Brie either as an appetizer or dessert. The taste combination is irresistible! Be sure to soak the cedar plank at least two hours before using on the barbecue. Tip: […]

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The closing act

If you drink wine, then you can’t help but notice what closes the bottle. There’s been lots of controversy about wine closures over the years…some good, some bad. Let’s take a closer look at what’s out there. The oldest known form of closure is the “natural cork” dating back to sixth century Italy. Cut in […]

“Light” beverages scream summer

With summer in full swing, looking good in our swimsuits is of the utmost importance. For many of us this means exercising more and watching calories. When it comes to calories, your favourite alcoholic imbibe can be problematic. Regardless of whether you prefer wine, beer, or spirits, the fact of the matter is they all […]

Marsala not just for cooking veal

One of my favourite Italian dishes is Veal Marsala, made with the amazing fortified wine of Sicily. Unfortunately, Marsala does not get a lot of publicity here in North America other than as a cooking wine. As a result, there isn’t much available, perhaps because it’s overshadowed by more well-known fortified wines like Port and […]

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