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August 25, 2015

It’s a well-known fact that we, as humans, live with our eyes. If we don’t like the way something looks, chances are we won’t involve ourselves with it. This applies to clothes, furniture, art, food and even drink. Many folks buy alcoholic beverages based on what the label looks like, regardless of what’s inside. Aside […]

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Recognizing wine defects

When it comes to wine, unfortunately there are bottles out there that are defective and should not be consumed. Sometimes the problem originates in the winery, in its production or cellar management. Other times problems come from sources beyond the winemaker’s control, or from mishandling after the wine leaves the producer. Regardless, a defective wine […]

Flavoured beer a summer treat

Beer season is officially here. Nothing goes down better than a frosty cool one when the weather heats up. Although many die-hard beer fans balk at the concept of flavoured brews, there are just as many who adore them. Fascinating additions to the brewing process add interesting aromatics and flavours to the finished products making […]

Favourite drinks of the rich and famous

Ever wonder what the favourite imbibe is of some of the most famous people on the planet? Here are a number of well-known folks and their have-to-have tipples. Politicians and world leaders have a lot on their plates, so they’re entitled to an alcoholic drink now and then. When she’s not doting over her great-grandchildren […]

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