Greek cuisine shines on Danforth

It’s been an absolutely fabulous summer with lots of sunshine and heat. There have been endless things to do in this fair city of ours to enjoy the season. One of the highlights has to be the largest street festival in Canada that takes place early in August every year. I’m talking, of course, about […]

The latest in world wine news

Wine theme park Disney World has nothing on this place. It’s an adult theme park in Bordeaux, France, that’s dedicated to the nectar of the grape. This brand new wine amusement park, called “La Cité du Vin” (“the city of wine”) sits on the bank of the Garonne River in the heart of this famous […]

Exploring summer sipping trends

With the warm weather here, certain alcoholic drinks and styles are more popular. Common sense would dictate that, whatever the category, lighter and fresher are the keys to enjoyment. I’ve also noticed over the years that folks like to experiment with new flavours a bit more in the warm weather, often trying things they haven’t […]

In praise of the bubbly – water, that is

I love sparkling water. For me, it’s more refreshing than still water and I love the way the bubbles feel in my mouth and throat. I also find it cleans my palate better than still water between wines. It’s been available for a long time now and with the introduction of home carbonators like SodaStream, […]

Mutated grapes make for winning wines

Genetic mutations happen a lot in life. On a cellular level, genes can change or morph into something else taking an otherwise normal, predictable entity and altering its character somewhat. Sometimes it’s a natural crossing of several different things. We see this phenomenon in medical science, biology and even in wine grapes. Such is the […]

bottoms up-coffee

Coffee definitely has its perks

Boy, do we love our coffee. For many of us, it’s what starts our day and provides that perfect mid-afternoon break. It’s so popular that there’s an entire culture based around it – just look at all the coffee shops out there. But do we really know what we’re getting out of it? There are […]

New spirits are worth trying

Spirit lovers rejoice: there are many exciting new spirits on the market, some just released, others about to be. Some may even be available at your local monopoly. From Bainbridge Organic Distillers out of Washington State comes the world’s first non-Japanese whisky aged exclusively in virgin Japanese mizunara oak casks. These casks hail from the […]

An ode to the ‘heartbreak grape’

Ah, pinot noir! Thou art so fickle. Aficionados of wine made from this iconic grape are well aware of its elusive and unpredictable nature. Why, you might ask? First and foremost, no two pinots are alike. So inconsistent in quality, it can be a real crapshoot as far as what you get in a bottle. […]

Matching drinks with chocolate

Many folks have a love affair with chocolate. Enjoying your favourite alcoholic beverage with it can be a heavenly experience. Whether your tipple is wine, beer or spirits, there’s a chocolate match to tickle your taste buds. Start off by using the best chocolate you can find that contains quality ingredients and delivers ultimate creaminess. […]