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Marsala not just for cooking veal

June 12, 2014

One of my favourite Italian dishes is Veal Marsala, made with the amazing fortified wine of Sicily. Unfortunately, Marsala does not get a lot of publicity here in North America other than as a cooking wine. As a result, there isn’t much available, perhaps because it’s overshadowed by more well-known fortified wines like Port and […]

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Temperature the key to enjoying beer

In the last several months I’ve written about beer, the proper glasses to use and matching it to food. In the interim, several readers have contacted me inquiring about proper serving temperatures. Perhaps it’s the warmer weather or simply interest in this amazing beverage that has sparked this, but it’s definitely worth addressing. Contrary to […]

Wine, memory, concentration and logic

When it comes to wine appreciation, certain mental aspects make a great impact on someone’s ability to better taste wine: memory, concentration and logic. Generally, memory tends to get worse with age, which definitely effects wine appreciation. Many folks say they can taste a wine, but half an hour later, not remember what it was […]

Highlights from the Finger Lakes competition

The annual Finger Lakes International Wine Competition took place March 29 and 30. This competition, held in Rochester every spring, is the only wine competition in the world where all the proceeds go directly to one charity. That charity is Camp Good Days and Special Times, a non-profit organization started more than 30 years ago, […]

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