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Tap vs bottled: water facts and fiction

March 20, 2014

You could be forgiven for thinking there is plenty of water to go around. This winter, most of Canada and the US saw record levels of snowfall, and England and Wales are having their wettest winter since rain-tracking began almost 250 years ago, in 1766. In 2013, worldwide floods seemed to top the list of […]

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Extreme winters impact environment and economy

We got hard hit by Father Winter. Joy over a pretty, white festive season quickly turned into an unofficial state of emergency when the fluffy stuff fell as rain and turned to ice. When its weight and the expansion of freezing water brought large branches and entire trees across much of Toronto crashing down on […]

Indoor living walls bring nature inside

As gardens and patio plants wane and droop, indoor plants that grow and keep their act together year round can help feed our need for calming greens. The beauty and health benefits of plants can easily be brought to indoor spaces. While not everyone has grand sweeping hallways and opulently sized rooms or greenhouses for […]

A bicycle, a bicycle! My kingdom for a bicycle

The confrontational phrase “war on cars” has been much used in recent years. It is a sensationalist term that serves only to fuel the flames between those favouring one mode of transportation over another, when in fact each mode of transportation has its own benefits and challenges. Cycling is a combination of fun, good exercise, […]

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