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The spring after the winter that was (is?)

April 2, 2014

The calendar says yes, yes – but the ground says no, no. And that, folks, will be the story of the spring 2014 gardening season. We’re just coming out of the hardest winter we’ve seen in decades. What will this mean for our gardens this year – and for the way we take care of […]

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A preview of Canada Blooms

It’s March. We’re fed up with winter and ready to run a little wild. And – surprise – so is good old Canada Blooms. Toronto’s annual flower fest is shaking off the cobwebs this year with its theme, Wild. Don’t expect to see all those oh-so-sophisticated gardens laid out for dainty tea parties. The folks […]

Spring gardens will get the blues

Back when I was a beginning gardener, with just one trowel and a pair of cotton gloves, you couldn’t find blue flowers in the garden. Red? Check. Yellow? Check. Pink? Check. But if you wanted blue, you were pretty much limited to planting ageratum – a short, fussy water-guzzler. Times have changed. In Landscape Ontario’s […]

What I learned in my garden this year

No one knows it all. If someone says they do, they’re delusional or untruthful. That’s one of the things we learn from our gardens. We think we know what a plant is going to do, then – BOOM! – it turns around and does something completely different. I’ve been gardening a couple of decades or […]

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