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Life or death decisions in August

August 27, 2014

It’s late summer, and time for the garden to wind down. But this summer’s child isn’t ready to quit just yet, thank you very much. We had a miserable winter and cold spring, and my garden – and I – are running way behind schedule. I’ve been practicing garden triage so far this year, cutting […]

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New plants for those bare spots

There are a lot of bare spots in my garden this spring. I’m still hoping, but pretty soon I’m going to have to face facts and cut those dead plants down. (Sniff.) My hydrangeas and roses seem to have taken a big hit. Also my clematis and ornamental grasses, which all grew in containers. So […]

Going wild(flower) in the garden

I’ve just finished reading Miriam Goldberger’s book Taming Wildflowers, and I’m ready to rip out everything I’ve planted in my sunny front garden – she’s that good at making the case for wildflowers (Miriam runs Wildflower Farm in Coldwater, ON). She can rattle off their benefits at the drop of a petal: easy care, pest-resistance, […]

The spring after the winter that was (is?)

The calendar says yes, yes – but the ground says no, no. And that, folks, will be the story of the spring 2014 gardening season. We’re just coming out of the hardest winter we’ve seen in decades. What will this mean for our gardens this year – and for the way we take care of […]

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