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Get ready for a new kind of beetlemania

June 12, 2014

In about four or five weeks many areas of Ontario, Eastern Canada and a good part of the United States will be experiencing a type of beetlemania. However, this non-musical invasion doesn’t originate from Liverpool, has never appeared on the Ed Sullivan show, and any screams and shrieking will probably come from someone unlucky enough […]

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A plant with as many names as it has uses

After the bone-chilling winter we endured it’s not surprising the early birds of the plant kingdom are a little reluctant to break through frozen ground to show us their greenery. As we enter a relatively balmy second week of April even the usual early blooms of crocus, narcissus and primula are noticeably late to turn […]

Horticultural pet a blast from the past

When it comes to Christmas gift giving, our family has one simple rule – no pets, especially ones with the ability to bark, meow, fly, swim or slither. The ‘slithering’ gifts are completely off limits as far as I’m concerned, right up there with polka-dot ties and those plaid Gatsby golfing hats. You can imagine […]

Poinsettias shine with lack of light

For those annoying little twangs of seasonal affective disorder that seem to sneak up on you in the days leading up to the winter solstice there’s nothing better than a Poinsettia or two to brighten up a dark corner of the living room. And don’t fret about urban legends warning that the plants are poisonous. […]

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