Resolving child care issues at Queen’s Park

The last few weeks of the legislative session have been incredibly productive and satisfying. I was honoured to lead the debate on our government’s climate change bill, my Men’s Health Awareness Week bill moved through second reading, and I presented a private member’s bill asking the province to ban waiting list fees by child cares […]

Assisted dying legislation a cause for some concerns

While pursuing my master of laws at Oxford, I wrote my thesis on section 7 of our Charter, with specific reference to assisted dying. On May 2, I had the opportunity to rise in the House of Commons, and debate the government’s legislation on the topic. As I said in the House, “We may have […]

National drug policy must follow the evidence

In February, I represented Canada at a United Nations parliamentary hearing in New York on the global response to the world’s drug problem. It was a timely topic leading into a further UN hearing this month, at which global drug conventions will be debated, and hopefully revisited. I participated in a debate alongside Senator Laura […]

Time to put patients first in Ontario

After a year of cuts to health care, patients and doctors are seeing the system deteriorate. It has been more than a year since the government began cutting funding for physician services, and patients have yet to see any of the improvements to health care as promised by the Ministry of Health. Last January the […]

A tribute to the wonder of Winter Stations

Winter Stations bring an excitement back to the wintry beach. If you haven’t had a chance to saunter down to the water and enjoy this year’s art installations along the water, you have two more weeks to do so! After taking part in the Winnipeg Warming Huts design competition a few years ago, Roland Rom […]

Working on the future of healthcare in Ontario

While knocking on doors during the 2014 election, I quickly learned that healthcare was a key concern in Beaches-East York. Toronto East General Hospital was scheduled for expansion, but provincial funding was jeopardized by the election. Residents did not want to see the loss of a much-needed renewal that would help TEGH modernize and better […]