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(Un)Fair Elections Act a cause of concern for Canadians

April 15, 2014

Canada has changed – and is changing – in ways that cause most of us considerable concern. And now, through C-23, the (Un)Fair Elections Act, the Conservative government is seeking to lock those changes in, to set them in concrete. “This bill is terrific,” said Pierre Polievre, the partisan bloodhound and counter-intuitively titled Minister for […]

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Building resilience into our cities should be a national priority

Tom Mulcair came to Toronto City Hall a couple of weeks ago and delivered this simple message outside, as it happens, the mayor’s office: urban issues have to be a federal priority.  And, he promised that the NDP would make them so. The occasion for Tom’s visit to city hall was my urban summit, Re-Imagining […]

Ice storm provides inspiration for preparation

The ice storm revealed to all of us the amazing resilience of our community. Although our neighbourhood was one of the hardest hit in the entire city, we survived the storm because we looked out for each other. Residents plugged into their neighbours’ homes, distributed blankets, food and shelter – everyone pitched in. Teenagers in […]

An icy miracle on Kingston Road

I awoke in the middle of the night to the sound of ice hitting my window.  I scooped up my cat, Miss Muffin, in my arms and headed down to the kitchen. Ice covered the hydro lines like a solid clear tube. Icicles hung from everything like a fringe. Miss Muffin’s eyes were wide too, […]

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