Opinion: Sick of secret deals

On October 5, 2016 Toronto City Council voted ‘Yes’ (21 Yes, 14 No, and 9 Absent) to assign the sole-sourced former Boardwalk Café from the current tenant Tuggs Incorporated (Tuggs) to Cara Operations Limited (Cara), the largest restaurant franchise in Canada. The discussion once again, as in 2010, took place “in camera”, meaning behind closed […]

A big crowd turned out to Kew Gardens to celebrate East End Olympians.

Beach community should be proud of summer ’16

In a summer that has reached record high temperatures, the Beach Village Business Improvement Area (BIA) has had a busy time. Beautiful flowers and uniquely decorative painted planter boxes have added a bright splash of colour and interest along our retail strip. Some new and returning retail businesses are adding some unique flavour to our […]

It’s time for practical action on climate change

Nathaniel Erskine-Smith is the Liberal MP for Beaches-East York. There is an overwhelming scientific consensus that global climate change is caused by human activities and that it is a very serious threat – 97 per cent of climate experts agree. According to the Royal Society and US National Academy of Sciences, “the evidence is clear.” […]

Toronto needs to find new revenue sources

In Ontario cities can’t run a deficit. Unlike the provincial and federal governments Toronto simply has to balance our budget every year. While our costs grow due to inflation, salary increases and service improvements, our revenues struggle to keep up. To balance the city’s budget we always start by taking a hard look at what […]

In praise of bike lanes, the future of urban transport

Great news fellow Beachers: after years of neglect from the previous suburban-dominated, car-centric city council, our great city is once again moving progressively into the future – and the Beach is up to bat!  On June 22 and 23 the City of Toronto hosted two drop-in events for residents to learn more about the new […]