Good things really do grow in Ontario

With climate change upon us, we have yet another reason to support our amazing Ontario farmers. Thanks to the winter that wasn’t this year, maple syrup production has hit an all time low. Without snow cover, there is added stress for overwintering crops like garlic. Ground water levels cannot be replenished to the regular healthy […]

Impact of the federal budget

Where are urban communities reflected in the Federal Budget and whatever happened to that noble and necessary objective of post-carbon cities?  It’s not there. But, more than that, Budget 2012 delays and damages the very possibility. This is a government that makes Kermit the Frog’s anthem It’s Not Easy Being Green a difficult one to […]

Taming Queen developments

It’s fun to see your own community on TV. However, a March 15 segment on Global News about the glass condo blitz on Queen in the Beach was sad to watch ( It covered the problems associated with development, such as increased street parking, traffic congestion and TTC short-turns. Local historian Gene Domagala described how […]

Public input wanted: is the provincial budget election material?

Families have been telling me in recent months that their biggest concerns are jobs, health care and the cost of living. The budget announced by the Liberal government does not do nearly enough to address these priorities. There are nearly 600,000 people looking for work in this province, and yet the budget lacks solutions to […]

Politically co-opted reflections

Malvern Collegiate Institute offers senior students (in grade 11 and 12) the opportunity to participate in a co-op program. In my experience, this is an eye-opening course that gives student a reality check on society’s working world. As a proud participant of the program, I would like to share my experience working alongside the Ward […]

Why the Beach needs a subway

We heard it over and over again in the last municipal election: we need to expand our transit system to get people home from work faster. While this may be true, it is shortsighted and leads to the ongoing transit mediocrity we have been mired in for decades. We don’t need a transit system that […]

Dealing with budgets, bullying and overcrowding

By now you have read or heard the Drummond recommendations for the Provincial budget. I expect you are sick to death of listening to kvetching about budgets – provincial, city and now education. As am I. However you need to know that this year, to paraphrase Queen Elizabeth, it is ‘Budget Horribilis’. This will be […]

2012 city budget: something for everyone

After much consideration and negotiation, we passed the 2012 budget at city council two weeks ago. It was a contentious and exciting time to be here and be part of pulling together an inspirational coalition of councillors and constituents who stood up for the services and priorities that matter most to Torontonians. Our balanced approach […]