Nathaniel Erskine-Smith

We should stand in solidarity with Muslim-Canadians

When I jointly seconded my colleague MP Iqra Khalid’s Motion 103, I thought it was a no-brainer. In the immediate wake of the Quebec attack, and in the wake of a doubling of hate crimes against Muslim-Canadians over the last three years (while hate crimes overall have decreased), M-103 calls on our government to condemn […]

In My Opinion: Find the comfort and compassion in history

The urge to bury oneself in a snowdrift has been particularly tempting lately. But this off-again-on-again winter, with its blizzard-like snowfalls that seem to collect and melt in the course of an evening, has prompted me to seek other channels for calm and escape: a historical talk there, a quirky play or art opening here. […]

In My Opinion: OMB review must create a level field for local planning

Given the rapid pace of development taking place in our community, there is good reason to care about the current provincial review of the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB). The OMB is a provincial tribunal that hears appeals of land use planning decisions (such as changes to zoning by-laws), and has a huge influence on the […]

Nathaniel Erskine-Smith

Let’s build on past participation and progress

As we move into the new year, it’s a good time to reflect on what we accomplished in 2016. Much more work remains to be done, but last year marked a good beginning. We resettled tens of thousands of Syrian refugees, and brought compassion back to our immigration system. We restored the long-form census, invested […]