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Parental screening for the teenage wish list

December 2, 2014

Dear Santa, Thank you again, for honouring the many good people of our neighbourhood last year.   As the holiday season approaches, you may find you are short two letters from our household. It seems teenagers have figured out that snail-mail to the North Pole is a waste of time – an email to Mom and […]

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The magic of report card interpretation

I remember the first report card my first child received. It represented such a life-changing stage; our child, in school, receiving a report card. Magic. Twelve years later, it’s a little less magical than in the old days. I have, however, built an interpretive legend over the years, to help me understand the gentle terminology […]

Dear Santa: it’s been a while

Dear Santa: I know it’s been a while since I sent you a letter, maybe 40 years (or so), but I hope you’ll understand when you read the content below. I sincerely hope this letter finds you and Mrs. Claus well, and that all the reindeer are revved up for the big night. I’ve been […]

Real-life experience for the work world

There is nothing as fun as sitting down with other parents and comparing notes on ages and stages of your children, as well as celebrating and lamenting the lives we lead in this marathon parenting journey. I have several friends who dedicated their lives to raising their families, foregoing careers and the hectic work-life balance […]

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