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Celebrating Canada’s most beloved rodent

June 3, 2015

Every day, every walk, and every drive seems to bring a new adventure for me. Am I lucky? Maybe, but I wonder if maybe by learning about the wonderful natural world around me I’ve found a way to create my own luck. Just the other day I was taking a walk by the water and […]

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In praise of early morning song

Have you ever heard the dawn chorus? It’s one of the most beautiful sounds found in nature and one that can be appreciated anywhere in the world where birds sing. The dawn chorus is the mix of high and low notes, trills, and whistles you hear from the birds each morning as the sun rises. […]

A look back at a growth experience

If you’ve been reading my articles you’ve probably noted the many reasons why I love the winter. Among other reasons, winter allows anyone interested to take pictures of animals on beautiful snowy backgrounds, to follow animal tracks after a fresh snowfall, and to easily locate waterfowl, as growing lake ice encourages them to group together […]

‘Snow angels’ show traces of wildlife

Of the many reasons to love winter, one of my top ones is finding footprints in freshly fallen snow. If you take the time to go for an early morning walk after a snowfall you can observe the extensive animal activity that is happening all the time and all around us. Animals that are nocturnal, […]

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