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Moth disguised as bird surprises

July 29, 2014

On a recent beautiful summer day you would have found me sitting outside my house watching the hummingbirds and cardinal babies. Where else would I rather be? At one point, when I saw movement among the flowers, I thought I had spotted another hummingbird. However, when I really focused I could tell the colours just […]

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Wild warbler weekend

Last week, my good friend Donna and I decided it was about time we saw some warblers. After a little location research, we were on our way to Ashbridges Bay. We saw, as always at the bay, a great variety of birds flying among the trees, including a couple of red-winged blackbirds making a nest, […]

Ontario’s little brown bats now listed as endangered

On a sunny afternoon at Ashbridges Bay I noticed something flying very low overhead. Whatever it was had strangely shaped wings and a rather odd flap pattern. When I asked my friend Richard what the bird was, he informed me that our visitor was actually a bat. The bat continued to fly around us for […]

Virginia opossums in east Toronto

After seven years I had reluctantly resigned myself to believing that I’d have to go to Australia to see my first wild marsupial. This acceptance was followed, as often seems to happen, by two sightings in just two days! It is a little inaccurate to say that I’d never seen an opossum in the GTA […]

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