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Virginia opossums in east Toronto

April 15, 2014

After seven years I had reluctantly resigned myself to believing that I’d have to go to Australia to see my first wild marsupial. This acceptance was followed, as often seems to happen, by two sightings in just two days! It is a little inaccurate to say that I’d never seen an opossum in the GTA […]

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Tiny, bright-eyed and endangered

Recently, Sarah from the Toronto Wildlife Centre called me saying they had some red-necked grebes and a horned grebe that needed to be released. I headed to Bluffers Park, as it had access to Lake Ontario, its waterfront wasn’t frozen, and there were already many ducks and swans that seemed quite comfortable there. After getting […]

Frozen berries offer winter meals

As many of you might have gathered, I am constantly outside on the lookout for new animals and scenery, or just for the sake of being outdoors. On my way downtown the other day, my eyes were drawn to the red berries in the bushes along Lakeshore between Ashbridges Bay and Leslie Street. On most […]

Ice storm affected wildlife too

For so many people, the ice storm was a real mix of joy and sadness. Many of us were without power for a few days, some much longer. My husband, dog and I chose to leave our home, which ended up being without power for a week. We spent several days with my daughter who […]

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