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Witnessing the birth of a butterfly

September 9, 2014

I’ve done owl releases, fox releases, turkey releases, and even mink releases, but the other day I was present for something a lot smaller, but just as special: a butterfly release. My adventure began when I met with Jennifer Ballantine and her mother Sandy. The two have been raising monarch butterflies for about four years, […]

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Moth disguised as bird surprises

On a recent beautiful summer day you would have found me sitting outside my house watching the hummingbirds and cardinal babies. Where else would I rather be? At one point, when I saw movement among the flowers, I thought I had spotted another hummingbird. However, when I really focused I could tell the colours just […]

Wild warbler weekend

Last week, my good friend Donna and I decided it was about time we saw some warblers. After a little location research, we were on our way to Ashbridges Bay. We saw, as always at the bay, a great variety of birds flying among the trees, including a couple of red-winged blackbirds making a nest, […]

Ontario’s little brown bats now listed as endangered

On a sunny afternoon at Ashbridges Bay I noticed something flying very low overhead. Whatever it was had strangely shaped wings and a rather odd flap pattern. When I asked my friend Richard what the bird was, he informed me that our visitor was actually a bat. The bat continued to fly around us for […]

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