What does the fox say? Look up

Fact: I love foxes. Why? I love their colour, their eyes, the way they move… and of course, that amazingly annoying song: “What does the fox say?” And how about how much fun the word fox is to say? It gives us terms like foxy, outfoxed, sly as a fox, and the foxtrot. So, yes, […]

A doe, a deer, an East End deer

What is it about spotting a deer that brings out such feelings of wonder and serenity? I’ll laugh at a chipmunk absurdly stuffing its mouth with food, or smile at a strikingly red cardinal on my bird feeder, but if I happen across a wild deer I might actually start to lose track of the […]

Wetland walks offer rich rewards

Almost every time I write one of these articles I want to begin by saying: “Some of my favourite birds are…” I then have to step back and convince myself that not every bird can be my favourite. Then, I get stuck for a time trying to think of a different way to introduce a […]

A tale of caution in the wilds of the city

According to my son it was Alfred Lord Tennyson who once described nature as “red in tooth and claw,” referring to the savage and merciless conflict of surviving in the wild. Though I admit it may not be as poetic, in my humble opinion, Tennyson should have added that nature was “red in tooth, claw, […]

Spring migration is a treat for birders

It is finally that time of year again, when the most beautifully coloured orange, red and yellow birds arrive and sing the uplifting songs we haven’t heard in far too many months. Just the other day I was at Rosetta McClain Gardens with my birding buddy Carol, and we were blessed to hear a ‘chick-burr […]

An amazing flight to Mexico

Photos x2: courtesy Terry Whittam:  Below left, c If I asked you to think about migration, your first thoughts might be of Canada geese honking overhead in their famous flying V. What else comes to mind? Robins heralding spring’s arrival? Maybe you’ve lived on the coast of one of Canada’s oceans and think about whales […]

Feathered friend is back in his box

I’ll ask you all a question that people have been asking me for years: if you could have any wild animal live in or regularly visit your backyard, what would it be? A deer? They are certainly beautiful to watch, though I feel they’d do a number on my gardens. A bear? As exciting as […]

Things can get a bit smelly on the wild side

Who else remembers Pepé Le Pew? He was the hilarious Looney Tunes skunk who chased the black and white cat, purring “‘ello bebe,” in his suave French accent. Well, he was probably adorable in the 1940s, but by today’s standards his refusal to take no for an answer and aggressive pursuit of his love interest […]

Recommended reading for wildlife lovers

Happy New Year, everyone! If you haven’t done so already, maybe take a moment to celebrate the wonderful natural world all around us. Can you believe it’s already 2016? Although many are wondering what is in store for them at home, at work, with friends, family, and loved ones, I find myself wondering what wildlife […]

Open eyes reveal a birder’s paradise

Ever since I got into birding I’ve come to appreciate what seems like a very obvious cliché: the more you open your eyes, the more you see. The more I learn about the natural world and the more I learn about plants and animals, the more I seem to notice the beauty and abundance of […]