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Life lessons from the land

May 28, 2014

Recently, I have come face to face with my own arrogance. This life lesson began several years ago when I had a bit of money and I decided to invest it in a piece of land northeast of Bancroft. At the time there were several reasons for this decision. First, I trusted the value of […]

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Building community at church

If Beach United Church has registered on your radar screen in any way, it is probably due to our beautiful, newly renovated space that is just up from Queen on Wineva Ave. It is a splendid light-filled building, and if you’ve been walking past at night when the lights are on, it just glows! For […]

Questions welcomed

A lot of people think Christianity does not welcome questions, and only offers pat answers.  In the opening pages of his book God is Not Great, the late Christopher Hitchens expresses how a lack of answers to his questions contributed to his rejection of the Christian beliefs he was being taught as a boy at […]

The human face of God

When I was in high school in Hamilton I took the bus to school. One spring as I walked to the bus stop, I passed a young woman sitting in a wheel chair in front of her house, on the other side of the street. Occasionally we would wave to one another, a tentative, small […]

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