Plaques showcase Beach history

This July 1 at 1 p.m., I will lead a historic walk starting at our historic Beach library at Queen Street East and Lee Avenue. The theme of the walk will be the historic people and places of the Beach, the 150th birthday of Canada next year and historic plaques that identify the history of […]

In praise of bike lanes, the future of urban transport

Great news fellow Beachers: after years of neglect from the previous suburban-dominated, car-centric city council, our great city is once again moving progressively into the future – and the Beach is up to bat!  On June 22 and 23 the City of Toronto hosted two drop-in events for residents to learn more about the new […]

sub-adam beck coaches IMG_9262

Adam Beck coaches honoured

I had the pleasure several weeks ago of presenting awards recognizing three very important people at Adam Beck Public School. Steve Mead, Andrew Pett and Dave Matheson began volunteering their time to coach the Adam Beck hockey team before their children were even eligible to play, and have continued to coach for many, many years after […]

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Vet costs rising – with good reason

I was asked on Facebook to explain why the cost of veterinary care had risen so much in the past five to 10 years. The person who asked stated that in her experience, the cost of some surgical procedures had more than doubled and that overall vet bills were considerably higher than they were less […]

Fatigue? Headaches? Check your magnesium levels

Muscle cramping, fatigue, headaches, anxiety or depression: if any of these symptoms sound familiar to you, it may be more than just good old aging – it is possible that you are deficient in magnesium. And you would not be alone as many Canadians are unaware that they are not getting the required daily dosage […]

Resolving child care issues at Queen’s Park

The last few weeks of the legislative session have been incredibly productive and satisfying. I was honoured to lead the debate on our government’s climate change bill, my Men’s Health Awareness Week bill moved through second reading, and I presented a private member’s bill asking the province to ban waiting list fees by child cares […]

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Beach-made film inspires Pride

When Mean Girls came along in 2004, the biting satire seemed like just another teen comedy starring Lindsay Lohan, but beneath the laughs Tina Fey’s clever screenplay has a lot to say about bullying, acceptance and being true to yourself. In the film Regina (Rachel McAdams), the “Queen Bee” of the Plastics clique, is told […]

Exploring summer sipping trends

With the warm weather here, certain alcoholic drinks and styles are more popular. Common sense would dictate that, whatever the category, lighter and fresher are the keys to enjoyment. I’ve also noticed over the years that folks like to experiment with new flavours a bit more in the warm weather, often trying things they haven’t […]