Microbeads and toothpaste don’t gel

Like many new marketing ideas, this one seemed like a good one at the time it was introduced. Tiny little inert polyethylene beads, added to toothpaste as a mild abrasive to help remove plaque. Seemed harmless enough. The tiny beads even reflected light, giving the toothpaste the ‘sparkle’ that marketers felt was synonymous with ‘clean’. […]

A flagon of mead for the master?

While reading or studying ancient history of Asia or Europe, one would most likely come across the beverage “mead”. It also appears in lots of folk literature as the tipple of choice for many cultures. This famous drink has been around a long time. In fact, evidence of its existence has been traced back to […]


Debate this: A presidential movie quiz

A bumbling fool (Kevin James) in the White House? A dangerous demagogue running for president? Only in the movies, you say? That couldn’t happen in real life? American leaders seldom visit Toronto, but there have been quite a few movies about presidents made here. On film, our city is not a welcoming place. Aliens, assassins, […]


Kisses from Algernon

We named the guy in the body bandage “Algernon”. Those more cultured than myself might have assumed we named him after the classic novel “Flowers for Algernon”. But I do most of the dog-naming for our little beagle repair shop and, being a product of the ‘80s, I was thinking more about former manager of […]


All dogs go to Haven

Haven Rescue founders Brandon Lee and Alexander Stevenson have a mission: to provide loving, permanent fostering to senior and special needs dogs who would otherwise live the rest of their life in a shelter. Their plan is to spend the first year building a business from their homemade, organic dog treats “and after the first […]

Remembrance Day at Kew Gardens

The Beach remembers

One hundred years ago during WWI, one of the most futile and bloody battles was fought – The Battle of the Somme. Canadian and Newfoundland troops engaged in the battle, one of the most formidable actions in history. It counted allied losses at 623,907 and Canadian and Newfoundland losses at 24,713. A long-time Beacher who […]