Pets needs resolutions, too

Coming off some over indulgence during the holiday season and entering a new year is a time when many of us promise ourselves that we will eat better and get more exercise. While our pets are obviously not concerned with making their own resolutions, as owners it is a good time to take a look […]


Curl up with these plant books

Well, there aren’t exactly a heck of a lot of matters that need attention in the “Horticultural Matters” department these days other than tending to giant tropicals that are waiting for the warm spring day when they can escape to the great outdoors. So ever since the big freeze I have been entertaining myself by […]

In My Opinion: OMB review must create a level field for local planning

Given the rapid pace of development taking place in our community, there is good reason to care about the current provincial review of the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB). The OMB is a provincial tribunal that hears appeals of land use planning decisions (such as changes to zoning by-laws), and has a huge influence on the […]


Lentils lead the way to good health

As we begin our journey into the New Year many of us start to contemplate changing the foods we eat with the hopes of improving our quality of life. Yet, often conflicting dietary information can make it difficult to decide where to begin and what modifications to make on that road to good health. However, […]


The secret ingredient? Marmalade

The secret ingredient? Marmalade Grapefruits, navel oranges, Florida juice oranges, blood oranges, Seville oranges, Spanish or Moroccan clementines, Californian lemons and limes – all of these tropical fruits are in their prime and shipped to the north for our enjoyment and good health. Citrus fruits add a zingy sparkle to our winter weary Canadian taste […]


Let them eat soup

When you are feeling under the weather and the wind is howling outside, what do you crave for mealtime? Yes, soup! Glorious, warm, soothing soup. Over the holidays, during illness, good friends came to the rescue with, you guessed it, that wonderful food, soup. Nourishing, delicious and ever so appreciated, soups are equally tasty for […]