Bike-lane debate comes full cycle

Doing the Macarena, snapping up shares of Bre-X and dot-com companies, touting the primacy of palm pilots and DVDs while bracing for Y2K: It all once made so much sense, till it didn’t – much like protesting new bike lanes. In the 1990s, I commuted by car from a Beach-area home to downtown jobs, and […]

Giant puffball tastes best when fresh

This damp and rainy winter, spring and summer has provided ideal conditions for fungal growth and a real bonanza for wild mushrooms. They seem to be everywhere this year, from a few Dryad’s saddle hanging onto the sides of stressed out trees, to hundreds of tiny Japanese parasols (Parasola plicatilis) making little fungal forests in […]

Deja Views for Aug. 22, 2017

This wonderful photograph of Kew Gardens was taken in the summer of 1984 by lifelong Beach resident Norton Woo. Like many of our readers, I am so happy to have this park in our midst. Thanks, Norton, for sharing your image. Do you have a photograph of the Beach you’d like to share? Please email […]

This street festival has ‘good taste’

Summer in Toronto is not complete without the largest street festival in Canada that takes place early in August every year. I’m talking, of course, about Greektown’s “Taste of the Danforth” (August 11-13 this year). Organized by the Greek Town on Danforth, it started back in 1994 when a group of restaurateurs on the Danforth […]