The sky’s the limit for happy-go-lucky OB

In my 2016 pet recap earlier this year, I officially declared my commitment to a beagle-positive outlook for 2017. I also mentioned Archer, the bashful Italian Greyhound with Happy Tails Rescue. At the time, he was still looking for a home. Now, I’ve got some positive news! He’s been adopted and has a new pesky […]

Agriculture thanks Charles Saunders

The architects of Canada’s greatness are the many Canadians who contributed to its arts, science, technology, and agriculture industries through literature and inventions. In honour of the country’s 150th birthday, Beach Metro will be profiling different people who were a part of the growth and stability of this country, our Canada. A lot of these […]

More colour and Canadian content at Canada Blooms 2017

It’s cold today. There’s snow on the ground. Some idiot on Facebook keeps posting things like “32 days until spring.” I’m just trying to hang on until March 10, when Canada Blooms begins its 10-day run. This is my March break: a shot of flowers and scent just when I need it. Canada’s 150th This […]

Nathaniel Erskine-Smith

We should stand in solidarity with Muslim-Canadians

When I jointly seconded my colleague MP Iqra Khalid’s Motion 103, I thought it was a no-brainer. In the immediate wake of the Quebec attack, and in the wake of a doubling of hate crimes against Muslim-Canadians over the last three years (while hate crimes overall have decreased), M-103 calls on our government to condemn […]

Add a little love to your cooking

There are all kinds of love. Around Valentine’s Day we tend to think of romantic love but when it comes to cooking and the cook who is preparing food, if they do so with a loving spirit, the food has magical, restorative powers. Many of you cooks out there know personally how good it feels […]

In My Opinion: Find the comfort and compassion in history

The urge to bury oneself in a snowdrift has been particularly tempting lately. But this off-again-on-again winter, with its blizzard-like snowfalls that seem to collect and melt in the course of an evening, has prompted me to seek other channels for calm and escape: a historical talk there, a quirky play or art opening here. […]

You can get there from here, but…

“Crowded! Hot! Loud! Nobody can hear each other!” Those words top my notes from last June’s public meeting for City Planning’s Danforth Avenues Study, endured in non-air-conditioned discomfort at Hope United Church. Yet, eight months later, I think back more to a moment I almost missed. Needing a break from the heat and din, I […]