A Mother’s Day menu for all

Mother’s Day is a treat. Even if you are not a mother, it’s wonderful to have an excuse for a celebration. A special occasion means food and at this time of year, a springtime menu is perfect. I hope that these suggestions from Foodland Ontario will entice you into the kitchen and inspire your festivities. […]

Spring into entertaining mode with these 6 tips

Spring has sprung and it’s time to start getting ready for patio season. Outdoor entertaining is so fun and such a great way to celebrate the summer. When you are setting up your backyard, deck, balcony or any outdoor space, follow the same principles you would with your indoor entertaining space. I like to set […]

Put a petal on your plate: How to serve edible flowers

Add fun and flair to your spring and summer entertaining this year by bringing edible flowers to the table. But don’t limit them to pretty centrepieces – add them to your favourite warm-weather dishes. We’ll all be trooping off to garden centres this month to choose new things for our gardens, so put some pretty, […]

Nathaniel Erskine-Smith

What does meaningful public consultation look like?

Globally, we are in the midst of a democratic recession. We are no doubt lucky to live in Canada, but we should also strive to strengthen our democracy where possible, and to guard against decline. At the end of March, I participated in a panel discussion hosted by the civic engagement NGO Samara Canada on […]

There’s nuttin’ cuter than a chipmunk

It finally feels official: spring has sprung. The songbirds are calling before sunrise, the hibernating animals are coming out and looking for food, the swans are honking on the water, and my favorite red-tailed hawks are screaming and soaring through the air. The rain is falling, the flowers are sprouting, and the Maple Leafs are… […]

There’s a reason they call him Tarzan!

I’m moving at the end of this month which means there’s plenty of packing on the agenda. However, ‘procrastination’ has somehow made its way to the top of my To Do List. I keep telling myself to stop monkeying around, but I’ve got way too much in common with my Pet of the Month. So […]

Tight-knit lacrosse club reflects Beach community

Toronto Beaches Lacrosse Club (TBLC) celebrates their 50th anniversary this year, marking a moment in history for a club and sport that has touched generations of Beach families. While 50 years is an impressive milestone, it is a relatively short time in comparison to the hundreds of years lacrosse has been played. According to the […]