Deja Views: Main and Danforth

This image of the Main Street and Danforth Avenue intersection was taken in 1965. The view is northeast and behind the brown brick building, centre frame, construction of what is now the Main Street TTC station wasn’t due to begin for a couple of years. Do you have a photo you’d like to share? Please […]

Bottoms Up: All the Presidents’ Drinks

Ever wonder what alcoholic tipple the presidents of the United States were sipping while in the White House? Whether personally or at state dinners, most enjoyed a drink of some sort in varying degrees while a few did not indulge at all. Here’s a brief synopsis of what each liked and perhaps served to guests. […]

Moving on to greener – and quieter – pastures

If it were April, you may have thought this were a joke: This is my farewell column. I have moved. Flown the nest, moved to new pastures. While modern technology would, of course, allow me to continue writing and submitting this green column from a distance, Beaches–East York readers will do better with a writer […]

On the Wild Side: Coyotes deserve our respect

“Do you love wolves? Or maybe cherish a family pet dog? Do you think that foxes are adorable? Coyotes are also worthy of our admiration and reverence; to be cherished and adored. They are sentient and essential beings. All come from the same family Canidae, including jackals. Yes, they are all related! Coyotes are beautiful, […]

There’s no place like a home bar

Most folks have the makings of an alcoholic drink at home when entertaining, but an actual bar is impressive and classy. Mixing a drink at your own bar can help romance a date, impress a friend or relative or even help schmooze your boss or a business client. You’ll also feel wonderful knowing appreciative people […]

Deja Views for Sept. 19, 2017

This view is looking west on Kingston Road, a little past Main Street by Glen Stewart Crescent. The photo was taken by an unknown photographer some time in the ‘70s. Could this person have perceived the future condos on this corridor? Do you have an old photograph you’d like to share? Please contact me at […]