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More verve, less blue notes for Jazz

August 27, 2014

Herbie Hancock once said “Jazz is about being in the moment.” If that’s the case and dogs could play instruments, there would be some stiff competition in the jazz world. Dogs have a real knack for belly-up basking in the NOW – especially Jazz the dog. Even when it appears he’s not doing much of […]

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Pepe still peppy at 15 years old

This spring marks milestone birthdays for two Canadian icons. Tim Hortons celebrates 50 years of donuts – that’s a half century of dunking pleasure! Another Canadian icon is about to turn 15. When you’re a dog, 15 is a milestone birthday. I don’t know how Tim Hortons is marking the occasion but Pepe the Chihuahua […]

Walk to honour Duke at Woofstock

Long before beagles invaded my heart, I was servant to a seriously spoiled Cockapoo named Wednesday. She was a backyard breeder special. I wasn’t so rescue savvy in those days. According to her paperwork, Wednesday had been born on Dec. 3, just a day before my stepdaughter Claudia. After her dad and I got together, […]

Simba shows kingly courage

He may not be the first cat ever to be named after The Lion King, but Simba has definitely earned his stripes. Oops! That’s a tiger reference. Come to think of it, he’s got the Eye of the Tiger too, but unlike Katy Perry, you’re never gonna here him Roar. Simba prefers to squeak, and […]

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