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Dinner without a kitchen? No problem

April 21, 2015

April is the season for revitalization. After 23 years of hard use, my kitchen is being renewed. Sounds great, right? But it means two weeks without access to a kitchen (not to mention the mess in the rest of the house.) I know this is not new to many of you home renovators but it […]

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Get cracking with hard-cooked eggs

In Grandma’s day, breakfast meant some form of eggs and toast. However, because eggs contain cholesterol they were thought to raise people’s cholesterol levels and they became a restricted food – no more than three or four a week. In recent nutrition studies, it has been discovered that yes, eggs do contain cholesterol, but it […]

Stews fit for a fine spring day

The birds may be singing “spring” but it is still cool out there. Cold means hearty foods to combat the chill. Thanks to Foodland Ontario, these robust stews may say, “We are winter warmers but really, spring is around the corner!” Slow cooker beef goulash Prepare this the night before and magically, when you return […]

March means one thing: maple syrup

One of the first harbingers of spring is March’s maple syrup. It is a welcome taste to perk up winter-weary taste buds, and versatile, too. Maple syrup may be added to numerous dishes, both sweet and savory. If you buy your syrup from a farmer’s market rather than a supermarket, you can often choose from […]

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