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Mouth-watering Christmas appetizers

December 16, 2014

Everyone loves appetizers, whether a simple nibble before a meal or a spread of assorted treats to tantalize over an entire evening. The holiday season is certainly an opportunity to indulge in these savoury bites. If you are planning a party or just having a few friends over, new ideas are always welcome. The best […]

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Fish for convenience or entertaining

Fish is the original convenience food. Faster than a frozen dinner, you can prepare an entire fish dinner in under 20 minutes with scrumptious results. Unlike meat, fish does not require tenderizing. Fast cooking at high heat is essential. As the holiday season approaches, fish recipes are especially popular entertaining items as they are easy […]

Roast chicken makes twice the meal

Indeed, the chicken is a wondrous bird. Roasted and served hot with oven-baked vegetables and perhaps the ever-popular mashed potatoes, it makes a never-fail hearty dinner, simple enough to serve to a family. Dressed up, it becomes a party piece. However, one of the best aspects of a chicken dinner is leftovers (I like to […]

More ideas for cooking with Ontario apples

Apples, our local apples, are superb in everything from apple cake to zesty apple chutney. In the last issue, sweet apple recipes were the focus. This issue, savory dishes emphasize the versatility of apples. Apple and Cheese French Toastwiches Apples and cheese are a combination made in heaven. This recipe is no exception and wonderful […]

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