Take me away for a summer meal

Summertime is the season for vacations: trips to cottages, picnics, camping, visits to friends and relatives, road trips of all sorts – after all, it’s holiday time. Outings mean transportable food. Here are just a few ideas to tote in a car, bike or backpack. They are yummy enough to be special holiday fare but […]

Berry season is a sweet treat

Strawberries are ready just in time for Canada’s birthday. (Perhaps we should have a strawberry on the flag – they are certainly one of the most popular fruits.) If you are a die-hard picker, one who is out in the field on the first day and several more times during the picking season, you will […]

Every warm day is a barbecue day

B-Day season – short for barbecue day – has begun with a vengeance. No longer the hearty soup, the sustaining stew. At last, the freedom to the great outdoors and grilling. Right on cue is the availability of lobster, local pickerel, Ontario lamb and as accompaniments, fiddleheads, asparagus, new potatoes and tomatoes, and, of course, […]

Celebrating Victoria Day with food

The 24th of May (celebrated in Canada yearly on the last Monday before May 25) is the first of the much-anticipated summer long weekends – Queen Victoria’s birthday. It is celebrated with gusto – cottage openings, the first dip in the lake, fireworks and, of course, all sorts of al fresco dining, whether barbecues or […]

Lemon curd, the perfect treat for Mother’s Day

Lemon curd is one of life’s great pleasures! It is guaranteed to put a smile on any mother’s face. Although the recipe is quick and simple to prepare, it can be served any number of ways. Perhaps the easiest is to spread lemon curd on warm, freshly-baked scones with a dollop of whipped cream, or […]

Kid-friendly meals for the whole family

If you are the chef in charge of family meals, finding something that everyone enjoys can be a challenge. These ideas from Rosetta Sun will put a smile on the face of young and old alike. Rosetta has two young grandchildren who love her peanut butter noodles with homemade chicken fingers. When she described these […]

Try eggs for the perfect Easter breakfast

Easter allows us the opportunity to invite friends and family for brunch. Brunch,  perhaps  the most versatile meal of all – allows us to serve breakfast foods, lunch foods, appetizer foods, dessert foods or all of the above – anything goes! What better time of year than Easter when we welcome spring and fresh tastes. […]

A taste of Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner on March 17, it’s time to plan suitable dishes for that date. Although one can plan a total green menu to celebrate the day, it is probably more practical to feature typical Irish dishes that are suitable for our unpredictable, blustery March weather. Hopefully this menu will […]