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Best burgers face off for Father’s Day

June 12, 2014

Sunday, June 15 is the day Dad reigns supreme. Although Dads are often kings in the kitchen too, on their special day a menu with them in mind is always welcome. In our family, a barbecued hamburger well-made and well presented, although humble fare, is still top of the must-have list. Here are some recipes […]

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Celebrate spring with celebratory dessert

May is the time of celebrations – weddings, showers, graduations, birthdays and anniversaries. Celebrations mean food. Here is one recipe to fit all occasions – fancy enough to say “special,” simple enough to “produce” but with professional aplomb. It can be translated a number of ways – suitable for the simplest or the most sophisticated […]

A quick trip to Greece

Even though it is warming up – ever so slowly – there are still cool, crisp days when you yearn for real heat: the baking temperatures of sun-drenched beaches with bright blue skies, just right for basking in bathing suits. Well, you can make believe that you are on the Greek islands lying on the […]

Ontario asparagus a Mother’s Day treat

Here are some Mother’s Day suggestions to put a smile on everyone’s face – cooks and guests included. Featuring homegrown asparagus, these recipes fresh from Foodland Ontario are tasty and visually appealing without being too fussy or time-consuming to prepare. They are definitely special enough to say “Happy Mother’s Day!” Tips about asparagus tips: for […]

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