A Mother’s Day menu for all

Mother’s Day is a treat. Even if you are not a mother, it’s wonderful to have an excuse for a celebration. A special occasion means food and at this time of year, a springtime menu is perfect. I hope that these suggestions from Foodland Ontario will entice you into the kitchen and inspire your festivities. […]

Here’s your new go-to Sunday meal

In days gone by, a roast chicken dinner was a special treat, perhaps a celebration or a Sunday dinner. Now, with chickens plentiful and relatively inexpensive, a chicken dinner can be prepared simply and reliably because we have top quality, fresh, air-chilled chickens available. This makes roasting dead simple with guaranteed juicy, tender results. Not […]

Add a little love to your cooking

There are all kinds of love. Around Valentine’s Day we tend to think of romantic love but when it comes to cooking and the cook who is preparing food, if they do so with a loving spirit, the food has magical, restorative powers. Many of you cooks out there know personally how good it feels […]

Feast your way through February

February is the time of year when we crave food to keep us warm – especially after outdoor activities. We want something to spice up our taste buds and take notice – and of course, a flavoursome recipe easy to prepare that will be popular with everyone. Try these suggestions from Foodland Ontario. They are […]

The secret ingredient? Marmalade

The secret ingredient? Marmalade Grapefruits, navel oranges, Florida juice oranges, blood oranges, Seville oranges, Spanish or Moroccan clementines, Californian lemons and limes – all of these tropical fruits are in their prime and shipped to the north for our enjoyment and good health. Citrus fruits add a zingy sparkle to our winter weary Canadian taste […]

Let them eat soup

When you are feeling under the weather and the wind is howling outside, what do you crave for mealtime? Yes, soup! Glorious, warm, soothing soup. Over the holidays, during illness, good friends came to the rescue with, you guessed it, that wonderful food, soup. Nourishing, delicious and ever so appreciated, soups are equally tasty for […]