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The comfort of melted cheese and chocolate

February 24, 2015

Cosy in this winter with bread, wine and cheese. What more could you want? If you wish, add some friends and you have a party, the best way to counteract the winter blahs! Way back in the 70s, fondues were all the rage. Now all these years later, they have regained popularity for very good […]

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Keep it sweet for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day was designed by the marketing company responsible for northern climates. You need to have a Valentine’s Day to buck up spirits in the freezing cold. It is something special that keeps our minds off snow, ice and dreary – it’s romantic. The perfect antithesis! What’s more enticing than chocolate? Have fun with these […]

Salads to match winter weather

Spice up cold weather cooking with these hearty, healthy winter salad ideas from Foodland Ontario. Unlike their summer cousins, winter salads don’t need leafy greens as a base but can include winter vegetables such as cabbages and root vegetables to give them substance and nutrition. Winter salads provide the perfect partner to a warming soup […]

Soup’s on the menu this winter

The Christmas turkey had scarcely been served when my son asked, “Shall I start taking the carcass apart for soup?” In our house soup is an important winter meal. That means that the turkey carcass, ham bone, or simply a big bag of carrots can be the inspiration for a nourishing, warming bowl of soup […]

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