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Fitness knows no age boundary

April 15, 2014

People of a certain age are often afraid to say how old they are, but not Yvonne Walmsley. Eighty-six is an age to be thankful for, she says, sporting the latest Beaches Spring Sprint T-shirt just after an aerobic fitness class at the Beaches Rec Centre. “You tell all your friends, ‘You know, I met […]

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Adam Beck Eco Club adopts elephants from afar

Did you know elephants get sunburns? If you said yes, maybe you’re a member of the Eco Club at Adam Beck Junior Public School. Sam is a Grade 2 student in the Eco Club, and this year, he and the 30 other club members are really in the know when it comes to elephants. “They […]

Win a copy of The Great Escape: A Canadian Story

How well do you know the Great Escape? Before answering, Beachers might wonder, which one? The true story, the Hollywood film, or the bookstore on Kingston Road? In the March 18 edition of the Beach Metro News, we spoke with historian Ted Barris, whose latest book tells the story of the many Canadians involved in […]

Father proud to be known for his daughter

Before Malala Yousafzai won awards at home and abroad for Diary of a Pakistani Schoolgirl, her father Ziauddin had the best-known name in the family – and the one called out on Taliban radio. “Before that, she was my daughter,” he said, smiling as he addressed Grade 4 and 5 students at Secord Elementary last […]

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