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Volunteer honoured for extensive service

February 24, 2015

On any given day, Darryl James is helping out. Whether he is unloading trucks and packing food hampers at the Churches By the Bluffs Food Bank or shoveling snow at Birchcliff Bluffs United Church, James is volunteering in some capacity. To recognize his dedication and commitment to helping others, the United Church has awarded him […]

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Actor shares passion for Shakespeare with Danforth

Colm Feore knows every line in Romeo and Juliet. Before he played Romeo on stage at Stratford, Feore wrote out the whole tragedy by hand, learning each word like a note in a score. He did the same when he played Pierre Trudeau on TV, and when he played the King of the Frost Giants […]

Lifelong calling led pastor to Calvary Baptist

Before he became ‘pastor Al,’ Alan Roberts was a 19 year-old campie cooking and cleaning for oil riggers on the BC-Yukon border. Living out of a trailer on the tundra, there wasn’t much else to do. “There was nothing,” said Roberts, speaking at Calvary Baptist Church in a check shirt and jeans. “It was like, […]

A hat a day for a good cause

Two days after Laura Daub moved to the Beach, she received some sobering news: she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Three weeks later Daub underwent a partial mastectomy/lumpectomy. The mass was removed with clear margins, but the diagnosis was not great: triple negative breast cancer, stage 2, grade 3 – one of the more […]

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