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Discovering leadership at California summit

July 29, 2014

A brief instance of paying close attention has, in the long run, led to a trip to California for a four-day leadership summit for nine year-old Trinity Di Fabio. While at summer camp, she was cutting up magazines for a collage when the content of one in particular caught her attention. “I said, ‘wait a […]

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Small’s Creek ravines get the star treatment on Lost Rivers walk

If there was any lesson to take home from a recent stroll through some East End ravines following a partially buried creek, it was perhaps that the only constant is change. About 50 people took part in a recent Lost Rivers walk through the ravines home to the accessible remains of Small’s Creek. While some […]

Notre Dame, Paul Band students learn from exchange

Exchange students Novaleigh and Shanene Rain surprised their host family while cheering their new friends from Notre Dame High School at a spring soccer game. Asked what sports they play most back home in Paul Band, Alberta, the two cousins answered at once: “Golf,” they said. A First Nation with just over 1,000 residents, Paul […]

Walking, waving guy lucky to be alive

The blue rubber ball bounced twice before it rolled into the northbound lane on Main Street. Cars were on the way. “Hold on, hold on,” said a tall guy with a small Canada Flag poking out of his satchel. Before the nearest camp counsellor from Community Centre 55 could get a word out, the tall […]

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