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Pegasus Project a valued resource after two decades

May 20, 2015

At the Pegasus thrift store, Chris and Rose smile as a customer zips out to pay for her parking spot on Kingston Road. “That happens a lot,” says Rose. People sneak into the shop for a quick peek, see something they like, and forget all about their unpaid parking. Parking fines might be a stretch, […]

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Model volunteer retires

Shortly after giving birth to her first child in 1975, Linda Livingstone signed on with the relatively newborn Beach Metro Community News to make deliveries of a different kind. For the past 40 years Livingstone has been dropping off issues of the paper to the porches and mailboxes of residents on her Beach street, making […]

Beacher dedicated to saving lemurs

Travis Steffens is working on a project that likely has the backing of plenty of young fans of the Disney movie Madagascar, but so far lacks the support it needs in the country where it matters most. Steffens, a Beach resident and primatologist working on his PhD, is currently in the midst of crowdfunding for […]

Crossing guard gets 15-year pin

On April 15 crossing guards across Toronto were honoured by Toronto Police for their service to the community at a ceremony at city hall. For Lois Young, the crossing guard at the corner of Swanwick Avenue and Main Street, the occasion marked a big milestone, as she was awarded for completing 15 years of service […]

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