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World-class tabla school opens up shop on Gerrard

January 27, 2015

As a teenager in Kolkata, tabla maestro Ritesh Das dreamt of playing Bollywood film scores. By 22, Das was in L.A. and touring with AMAN — a world music group so big they filled half a Boeing 747, bags packed with everything from Balkan balalaikas to Appalachian ‘hee-haw’ banjos. But it was here in Toronto […]

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Untapped “well of talent” is missed

For a while before it shut down, the Roxy Theatre at Danforth and Greenwood screened one movie every Friday and Saturday night — the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Fans of the cult comedy-horror musical know to bring squirt guns for the rainstorm scene and confetti for the wedding, never mind the glitter and your favourite […]

Secord students test STEM knowledge

A purse with a solar smart-phone charger. Door-to-door battery pick up. Garden scoops built for super-speedy seeding. Every student at Secord Elementary put a bright idea on the table during the school’s first-ever STEM showcase on Jan. 16. Speaking in a gym full of student projects, teacher Claire Roberts said the idea was to combine […]

Map of East End skating rinks

Here’s a map of outdoor skating rinks in the East End, both community-maintained and city-run. Have a favourite memory or story about one of these? Let us know in the comments, then get out there and enjoy a classic Canadian winter pastime.

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