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Remembrance Day celebrated by old and young

November 20, 2014

Hundreds gathered to pay respect to Canada’s war dead at the Kew Gardens cenotaph on Nov. 11, a Remembrance Day that marked the 100th anniversary of the First World War. Among the veterans was Bernadette Baran, nee Ledgard, who laid a wreath on behalf of the Women’s Land Army. At 16, Baran lied about her […]

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Dog acts as ears for hard-of-hearing owner

Lucy always gets up when she hears an alarm clock or a knock at the door. Much as she likes to curl up in the living room, she never fails to go tell Michelle Threndyle when the kettle is whistling or when someone calls her name. Already a good roommate, Lucy is well on her […]

Comic books inspire film ambition

Where most office desks might have an In/Out box full of paperwork, local comics creator and graphic design guru George Gatsis keeps a 3D printer. Beside it is a jumble of plastic legs, arms, hands, and a big round snout – freshly printed parts for a Cerebus the Aardvark action figure. In one of many […]

ECW Press bucking the trends in publishing industry

For local book publisher Jack David, success isn’t about toasting 40 years of ECW Press. It’s not about Giller Prize nods, the LA Times bestsellers list, or even knocking a wall out to expand ECW’s long-time office at Hammersmith and Queen. “Here’s success,” David says. “You come into work, you put your key in the […]

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