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Filmmaker seeks out emotion

October 21, 2014

A day before filming the first dance in Kaha:wi – The Cycle of Life, director Shane Belcourt got into the studio and saw trouble. “What can we do?” he asked art director David Hannan, who had ringed a stage with trees and branches, evoking a forest clearing. The next day, dancer and choreographer Santee Smith […]

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Life is sharing a love of music for Timothy Dawson

Timothy Dawson got one of life’s great tips when his bass quartet was prepping for a gig at Upper Canada Brewing. On the set list was a “rock étude” – a piece that called for no instruments, just rhythmic clapping. But this was a gig for BASStiality. During its 15-year run, Dawson and three other […]

Old house gets new tricks after energy-saving retrofit

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something green? On Glen Manor Drive, an eco-friendly construction company is wedding new energy-saving techniques to a nearly 100 year-old house. They are borrowing tree shade to help cool it in summer and relying on “green” materials — such as straw-bale walls — to keep it warm in winter. […]

St. Pat’s student represents at board

Hannah McGroarty has many people to think about and it shows, mainly on her arms. When the St. Pat’s senior rolls up her sleeves alongside Toronto’s 13 other Catholic school trustees this year, she won’t be the only one in high school — her colleague Christopher MacDonald is also in Grade 12. But McGroarty is […]

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