Deja Views for October 4, 2016

This wonderful streetscape at the bottom of Lee Avenue was taken by Ann Patterson in the late ‘70s. Ann ran a camera store on Queen Street East (close to Kennilworth) in the ‘70s and would often take strolls along the neighborhood with her camera. Thank you, Ann! Do you have an old photograph you would […]

Deja Views for Sept. 6, 2016

The speed limit goes down and the house prices go up – all in one year. These images were taken on Lee Avenue, just north of Norway, the top in 2015, the bottom just recently. Do you have an old photo you’d like to share? Please email me at

Deja Views July 19, 2016

In the eight years since I shot this panorama, a couple of new homes were constructed on Long Crescent. Did you know that this area was once a golf course? If you have a photograph you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to call me at 647-531-6116.

Deja Views for June 28, 2016

This delightful summer streetscape was photographed in the summer of 1980. The view is looking west on Queen, with Willow in the foreground. Do you have an old photograph you’d like to share? Please call me 647-531-6116.

Deja Views for June 14, 2016

This beautiful Queen Anne Revival style house sits at the corner of Beech and Park Avenues. It was once occupied by playwright Lister Sinclair. The unknown photographer took this image in 1972. If you have a old photograph you’d like to share, email or call me at 647-531-6116.

Deja Views for May 31, 2016

I shot the first panorama four years ago. It showed the major overhaul of Kew Beach United Church, that had recently merged with Bellefair United. The church building on Bellefair was sold to developers, which in turn helped finance the massive renovation of the church on Wineva, now called Beach United Church. In the last […]

Deja Views for May 17, 2016

Much like spring crocuses, condos in the Beach are popping up at an alarming rate. Many Beachers are not impressed. Imagine in the future if book reading dwindled in popularity – would our beloved library be converted into a residence? Such is the case with worshippers in our community. The first photograph of the former […]

Deja Views for May 3, 2016

When I shot this photograph in the spring of 2010, I figured that this dilapidated old house on the corner of Lee Avenue and Alfresco Lawn was on one of the most prized pieces of property in the Beach. I thought one day a developer would approach the man in black, and make him an […]