9 most viewed Deja Views of 2016

Our readers often tell us how much they enjoy David Van Dyke’s Deja Views column — a look at the Beach, then and now, through photographs.  We certainly enjoy them, too — and are grateful to the many of you who submit photographs. While Deja Views is a hit in our print edition, it is […]

Deja Views for December 13, 2016

Dreaming of summer days? This photograph of the Donald D. Summerville pool was taken in 1966, just three years after the pool opened. Fifty years later it is still the Beach’s number one summer cooling off centre. Thank you to Donna Halliday for providing this image. Do you have a photo you’d like to share? […]

Deja Views for November 29, 2016

A lovely stroll in Balmy Beach Park. The unknown photographer shot this photograph of the bottom of Silver Birch Avenue, where the boardwalk begins and stretches out to Ashbridges Bay Park, in the fall of 1972. Do you have an old photograph you’d like to share? Please contact me at gdvandyke61@gmail.com.

Deja Views for November 1, 2016

Another streetscape from the lens of Ann Patterson. This image was taken in front of Kew Gardens on Queen Street East sometime in the early ‘80s. I love this photo because it is a casual observation of a moment when we cross a crosswalk. Thank you, Ann. Do you have an old photograph you’d like […]

Deja Views for October 18, 2016

This street view of Queen Street East taken in 1995 depicts two very prominent eating establishments from days gone by. In the foreground is the Lion on the Beach, now the Stone Lion, and across the street on the corner of Kenilworth Avenue is Licks, a very popular hamburger joint (especially if you liked happy, […]

Deja Views for October 4, 2016

This wonderful streetscape at the bottom of Lee Avenue was taken by Ann Patterson in the late ‘70s. Ann ran a camera store on Queen Street East (close to Kennilworth) in the ‘70s and would often take strolls along the neighborhood with her camera. Thank you, Ann! Do you have an old photograph you would […]

Deja Views for Sept. 6, 2016

The speed limit goes down and the house prices go up – all in one year. These images were taken on Lee Avenue, just north of Norway, the top in 2015, the bottom just recently. Do you have an old photo you’d like to share? Please email me at gdvandyke61@gmail.com.