Women bring voice for peace to Kingston Road

In May of 1960, Toronto Daily Star columnist Lotta Dempsey wrote a series of columns in the paper’s ‘Women’ section lamenting what felt like an inevitable third world war, questioning Canada’s role in the global nuclear arms race, and championing the role women could play in its protest. “I have never met a woman anywhere […]

East End writer draws on childhood and the streetcar

Take a peek through Susana Molinolo’s notebook and you’ll see a variety of inks, textures, pictures – pieces of paper and cue cards taped throughout. Subway and streetcar transfers act as place cards for inspiration, a reminder of where the writer was when she had the adjacent idea, vessels to take her back. The collecting […]

Deja Views for March 8, 2016

This photograph was taken in 1973 on Waverley Road, just south of Queen Street East for the City of Toronto Archives. If you have an old photograph you’d like to share, please call me at 647-531-6116.

After 49 years, saying goodbye to Glen Manor

The sale of 250 Glen Manor West draws the curtain on a nearly 50-year run the Hymases experienced looking out at their Beach neighbourhood from their front window – and highlights a wealth of firsthand knowledge of what the area was like then until now. “We were living on Kenilworth at the time,” says Ken […]