‘Motorless’ Markus sets his sights on Asia

One year into his five-year journey to circumnavigate the world without a motor, Markus Pukonen has had his share of scary moments. Take the time he was rafting down an icy river, with no one around for miles. Already a harrowing experience, his situation intensified as he turned a bend and saw an ice dam […]


Deja Views July 19, 2016

In the eight years since I shot this panorama, a couple of new homes were constructed on Long Crescent. Did you know that this area was once a golf course? If you have a photograph you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to call me at 647-531-6116.

Chantelle Johnson, the inaugural DECA Young Leaders Scholarship winner, at East Lynn Park June 23, 2016.

East End scholarship winner staying fashionable at home

Danforth CTI graduate Chantelle Johnson is a young woman with both style and substance. Motivated from a young age to work hard, overcome barriers, and give back to her community, Johnson’s dedication paid off earlier this year when she was named the inaugural recipient of the DECA (Danforth East Community Association) Young Leaders Scholarship. Money […]

Robert Bertram, purveyor of unique hiking sticks, on his Queen East balcony June 16, 2016.

The man behind the Queen Street hiking sticks

If you’ve found yourself on Queen Street just east of Ivan Forrest Gardens on a weekend, there’s a fair chance you’ve seen Robert Bertram on his balcony – and if you haven’t seen the man, you’ve likely seen the sticks and the sign. A handwritten sign noting “Unique Hiking Sticks” for sale hangs on a […]

Credit Lou Gerard -- Eastbound PCC on Queen St. East, July 1980.

Deja Views for June 28, 2016

This delightful summer streetscape was photographed in the summer of 1980. The view is looking west on Queen, with Willow in the foreground. Do you have an old photograph you’d like to share? Please call me 647-531-6116.

House, Beech Avenue, no. 15, northeast corner of Park Avenue, Toronto, Ont.


House, Beech Avenue, no. 15, northeast corner of Park Avenue, Toronto, Ont.
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Year/Format: 1972, Picture

Deja Views for June 14, 2016

This beautiful Queen Anne Revival style house sits at the corner of Beech and Park Avenues. It was once occupied by playwright Lister Sinclair. The unknown photographer took this image in 1972. If you have a old photograph you’d like to share, email or call me at 647-531-6116.