‘We were given both roots and wings at Notre Dame’

A school rooted in history and tradition, Notre Dame High School will be proudly celebrating its 75th anniversary on October 14. Founded in 1941 by the Sisters of the Congregation of Notre Dame, the East End all-girls high school began as a small endeavour. With few funds to start, the sisters had to rely solely […]

photo Ann Patterson

Deja Views for October 4, 2016

This wonderful streetscape at the bottom of Lee Avenue was taken by Ann Patterson in the late ‘70s. Ann ran a camera store on Queen Street East (close to Kennilworth) in the ‘70s and would often take strolls along the neighborhood with her camera. Thank you, Ann! Do you have an old photograph you would […]

Friends and family of Peggy Delaney official unveil the mural.

Peggy Delaney inspires East End laneway

Widely regarded as a remarkable woman, there is no question that the late Peggy Delaney left her mark on the hearts of many. Now, she has also left her mark on one of Toronto’s newest laneways, aptly named Peggy Delaney Way. Peggy was born in Dublin, Ireland on June 1, 1924. Described on the Peggy […]


A bookstore unique to the Beach

It probably comes as no surprise to those who live here that compared to all of the Book City stores in Toronto, the Beach location has always been a bit different. Consider, for example, the store’s children’s section. “In some neighbourhoods… you have a whole bunch of new parents and the store kind of grows […]


Deja Views for Sept. 6, 2016

The speed limit goes down and the house prices go up – all in one year. These images were taken on Lee Avenue, just north of Norway, the top in 2015, the bottom just recently. Do you have an old photo you’d like to share? Please email me at gdvandyke61@gmail.com.


‘Motorless’ Markus sets his sights on Asia

One year into his five-year journey to circumnavigate the world without a motor, Markus Pukonen has had his share of scary moments. Take the time he was rafting down an icy river, with no one around for miles. Already a harrowing experience, his situation intensified as he turned a bend and saw an ice dam […]