Stars fill the room at Orlando’s Hollywood Canteen

A self-described “maniac collector of things”, life-long east-end Toronto resident Mike Orlando says he owned a couple tons of movie posters before he decided to start the Hollywood Canteen, his now decades-old film-memorabilia business on the Danforth. “I’ve been collecting since ’75, and just amassing great quantities of original movie posters from theatres and people […]

Deja Views for Sept. 19, 2017

This view is looking west on Kingston Road, a little past Main Street by Glen Stewart Crescent. The photo was taken by an unknown photographer some time in the ‘70s. Could this person have perceived the future condos on this corridor? Do you have an old photograph you’d like to share? Please contact me at […]

Deja Views for Sept. 5, 2017

Did you know that the Beach was used as a backdrop in the classic movie ‘The Black Stallion’? In this scene, the stallion escapes from a barn and runs through the neighbourhood – Kenilworth Avenue to be more precise. The critically-acclaimed movie was released in 1979, so my guess would be that this scene was […]

This one’s for you, soldiers of Dieppe

August 19 marked the 75th anniversary of the Dieppe Raid but for some, this tragic day in history still feels like yesterday. Upper Beach resident Paul Ryan knows all too well how closely the pain of that day can be carried by those who lost their loved ones. His mother still has portraits of her […]

Deja Views for Aug. 22, 2017

This wonderful photograph of Kew Gardens was taken in the summer of 1984 by lifelong Beach resident Norton Woo. Like many of our readers, I am so happy to have this park in our midst. Thanks, Norton, for sharing your image. Do you have a photograph of the Beach you’d like to share? Please email […]

The man behind the Queen Street hiking sticks

This story was first published June 22, 2016. If you’ve found yourself on Queen Street just east of Ivan Forrest Gardens on a weekend, there’s a fair chance you’ve seen Robert Bertram on his balcony – and if you haven’t seen the man, you’ve likely seen the sticks and the sign. A handwritten sign noting […]