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Engineering students make a splash at Danforth

June 5, 2015

Teachers, staff, and student council members found themselves under a watery siege at Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute after becoming willing targets in the school’s annual trebuchet contest on June 2. A type of medieval-era catapult, trebuchets can be loaded with different counter-weights to accurately hurl wall-busting weapons or, in Danforth’s case, water balloons, at a given range. Reid […]

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PHOTOS: Notre Dame hosts Dance-Off contest

It was standing room only on April 17 in the school’s gym for the annual Dance Off competition. Eleven dance crews from across the TCDSB competed in an energy-filled event. Both Notre Dame and Neil McNeil’s crews put on an impressive effort, but after all the judging was complete, the title went to St. Mary’s Secondary […]

In Memoriam: Neil David Young

Neil Young, the MP for the Beaches-Woodbine riding from 1980 to 1993, died on March 7 due to complications following a stroke two years ago. I first met Neil when Beverley and I moved to the Beach in 1973 with our family. We have remained good friends with Neil, his wife Vivien, and their family […]

PHOTOS: Students test skills at Danforth C&TI

After baking for a big hotel, the AGO, a small bakery in France and another in Riverdale, Kent Lin returned for one morning to where it all began – the kitchen at Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute. On March 11, Lin was among the many judges watching high school students sautée, bake, and weld their […]

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