Letter: Some suggestions for Kew Gardens

“… the project is aimed at drawing more traffic to Queen Street from the beach …” Money better spent? Perhaps along the boardwalk there could be electronic maps of Queen Street indicating what is just north? Restaurants, retail outlets, daily specials, weekend deals – easily updated. Along the south side of Kew Gardens is the […]

Letter: Cap and trade not the best system

Re: Ontario’s cap and trade system needs a closer look [In My Opinion, April 5, 2016]: A carbon tax is a far better system than cap and trade, which worked for CFCs but is not appropriate for this harder challenge. What we really need is a national program under which every province uses the same […]

Letter: Local restaurants need our support

I just made a reservation at Brussels Bistro to celebrate our 40th anniversary, only to find that it is closing that evening. How sad that the best restaurant in the Beach is leaving due to lack of support from the community. Dianne Williams Willow Avenue

MPP’s column leaves out important facts

As a resident of the Beach and a physician, I was disappointed to read MPP Arthur Potts’ column [Working on the future of healthcare in Ontario – In My Opinion, Feb. 23], which leaves out important facts about the cuts to healthcare that have been imposed by the Ontario government. The government is making cuts […]

Finding a silver lining in culled Hunt Club oaks

My hobby is making ‘Windsor chairs.’ Many parts for these are best made using green, i.e. not dried, oak. When I read that The Hunt Club had obtained permission to cut down quite a few of these my eyes lit up. I sent an email saying that if some of their neighbours might be upset […]