In Memoriam – Margery Plummer, 1916 – 2016

Margery E. A. Plummer (nee Fidler) slipped away quietly, with a smile in her eyes, at the home of her eldest daughter, Lynn Trebell (Bruce), after a rich life, enthusiastically lived, one filled with love, laughter and music. Little Margery was a positive, nurturing, selfless, pure clear light, always looking for the best in everyone. […]

Letter: Editorial missed the mark on Beach condos

Editor Jon Muldoon’s opinion piece on us Beach ‘whiners’ who refuse to embrace the tide of condo developments flooding the area – at the Kingston Road and Main Street intersection there are three under construction and a fourth in the works – overlooks many issues facing local homeowners. For example: prolonged strong vibrations and jolts […]

Letter: Vandals damage Beach Community Fireplace

There was senseless destruction of much of the Beach Community Fireplace over the past week. The fireplace was designed by the award-winning Metis architect Douglas Cardinal, who famously designed the serpentine Museum of Civilization in Hull, Quebec and the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, DC. The curved Beach Community Fireplace opened on […]

Letter: Parks and ravines need respect

I want to thank Matthew Kellway (former MP for Beaches/East York) for his thoughtful and timely letter [“New urbanism must embrace nature, not oppose it,” Letters to the Editor, May 17]. I see that the point of his letter is to oppose the seven-storey condominium project that is suggested to be built into ‘our Glen […]

Letter: Some suggestions for Kew Gardens

“… the project is aimed at drawing more traffic to Queen Street from the beach …” Money better spent? Perhaps along the boardwalk there could be electronic maps of Queen Street indicating what is just north? Restaurants, retail outlets, daily specials, weekend deals – easily updated. Along the south side of Kew Gardens is the […]

Letter: Cap and trade not the best system

Re: Ontario’s cap and trade system needs a closer look [In My Opinion, April 5, 2016]: A carbon tax is a far better system than cap and trade, which worked for CFCs but is not appropriate for this harder challenge. What we really need is a national program under which every province uses the same […]