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Letters to the editor for July 29

July 29, 2014

Yet one more reason to love life in the Beach On the afternoon of June 25, my dear friend Kathi from Winnipeg, her grandson, and her sister joined me for a walk on the boardwalk. Lynne and I sat on a bench near the Leuty Lifeguard Station while the other two played along the shore. […]

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Letters to the Editor for June 24

Accidental Americans punished by US-Canadian agreement Most Canadians are not aware of the extent of the machinations of our current government under Harper. Everyone knows they have pushed through things by hiding them in omnibus budget bills, but there is one in particular that most Canadians are not aware of. What I am writing about […]

Letters to the Editor for June 10

Hoarder needs help, not to be subjected to media circus Over the last six months, culminating in a flurry of reports and articles recently, the ‘Beech Avenue hoarder’ has been made the subject of a number of stories which I do not feel serve either the public interest or, most especially, the ‘hoarder’s’ right of […]

Letters to the Editor for May 27

Packs of wild dogs not about to take over the beach Re: When people live in fear, dogs must be leashed (Letters to the Editor, May 13): Dog owners have it hard enough in Toronto with a limited number of off-leash parks and $250 fines if dogs are caught without a leash, so it is […]

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