Letter: Government needs to step up to stop coyote attacks

Many of my neighbours and I take issue with your recent article (“Coyote encounters concern residents”) as it perpetuates the myth that learning to co-exist with urban wildlife is a reality that we must face, even if that wildlife attacks or kills our pets. In fact, we should not accept the presence of habituated dangerous […]

On climate change, leaders need questioning

I read the article in the Beach Metro News on the climate change town hall (“Climate town hall well attended”, September 20, 2016) as I did not attend the meeting. The fact that you are dealing with an uninformed and suburban-inclined mentality in the Beaches, there is no reason for the moderator to refrain from […]

Letters to the Editor for Sept. 6, 2016

Thanks to all involved in ‘uplifting’ Olympic parade There are times when you feel blessed by having the opportunity to be present at a special event; the Ward 32 Olympic Parade was one of those events. There have been bigger parades, more expensive parades, but seldom a more emotional, motivational or uplifting parade than the […]

Renovation not necessary at Kew Gardens

Dear Sir: It is with great sadness that I walk by my formerly lovely Kew Gardens Park and its beautiful flower beds.   Replacing the flowers are cement blocks, extremely ugly, and serving no purpose whatsoever. Perhaps people will stop and talk/text on their smartphones if there are benches provided. I see no other reason people […]

Boardwalk lease needs a second look

RE: CARTER’S Landing franchise subleased at former Boardwalk Café: First, a Tim Hortons franchise has opened in the former Boardwalk Café building this year. Now Tuggs Inc. has sublet their lease in the same building to Carter’s Landing, a restaurant chain owned by Cara Operations which owns over 1,000. Tuggs owner George Foulidis was given […]

In Memoriam – Margery Plummer, 1916 – 2016

Margery E. A. Plummer (nee Fidler) slipped away quietly, with a smile in her eyes, at the home of her eldest daughter, Lynn Trebell (Bruce), after a rich life, enthusiastically lived, one filled with love, laughter and music. Little Margery was a positive, nurturing, selfless, pure clear light, always looking for the best in everyone. […]

Letter: Editorial missed the mark on Beach condos

Editor Jon Muldoon’s opinion piece on us Beach ‘whiners’ who refuse to embrace the tide of condo developments flooding the area – at the Kingston Road and Main Street intersection there are three under construction and a fourth in the works – overlooks many issues facing local homeowners. For example: prolonged strong vibrations and jolts […]