Letter: On parking

It was inappropriate and unfair for Ward 32 Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon to arbitrarily impose permit parking without consulting the residents of the designated streets first. (“Permit parking rules divide residents”, June 13) Consultation is standard protocol for parking changes and the councillor ignored it. The residents of Ward 32 elected her to represent their interests […]

Letter: Residents group needed

The proposed reforms to the OMB are good news – news that only a year or two ago I had not expected to see so soon. I also attended the OMB Review meeting last December and made a submission with suggestions close to what is being proposed. The proposed new rules will take time to […]

In My Opinion: It’s time to TransformTO, says the rising lake

“It’s weird seeing 10 carp a metre long thrashing about on the roadway…they are mating most vigourously.” That was the response of an acquaintance to my inquiry about life these days on a partially submerged Toronto Island. The effects of the rising lake are a bit different off the island. Closer to home, our beaches […]

Letter: She wants to volunteer but…

In response to the May 16 editorial and how hard it is to acquire good volunteers, I find the recruiting process and level of commitment required as obstacles. The volunteer listings read like a career position. Police checks are usually mandatory plus organizations want your promise to serve – very often – for at least […]

Letter: Gardens were better than grey

Now that the Kew Gardens restoration is over, I feel the need to comment. We have lost two lovely garden beds which welcomed us to the rest of the park. In its place we have gray concrete pavers and an eyesore black matte arch which impedes any view of the park from Queen Street. It […]