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Walk to honour Duke at Woofstock

Long before beagles invaded my heart, I was servant to a seriously spoiled Cockapoo named Wednesday. She was a backyard breeder special. I wasn’t so rescue savvy in those days. According to her paperwork, Wednesday had been born on Dec. 3, just a day before my stepdaughter Claudia. After her dad and I got together, […]

Seeing Toby’s ‘ghost’ eyes is believing

When we bought our 1850’s farmhouse near Colborne a few years ago, I quickly concluded we had a ghost! Not to worry. Like Casper, he’s a friendly spirit. He also has four legs. As ghosts tend to be, Tobias the Ghost Dog is invisible – except in the eyes of one of our beagles. Ever […]

Year’s first beagle rescue a winner

The hound dog in the tub with the big dreamy eyes has only one New Year’s resolution, aside from keeping sparkly clean. He’s howl-bent on being a better dog. His initial motivation is sure to break your heart. Our bubble bath boy was hoping if he accomplished his objective, his ‘humans’ would come back. But […]

Finding room for furry ones during the holidays

Tis the season we raise our champagne flutes and toast to peace on earth, good will towards men! ‘Tis also the season one of my beagles makes a go for the turkey platter, ultimately reminding me of the life-sustaining importance of good will towards dogs. When peace is finally restored, I typically find myself curled […]

November a month for regal beagles and pooch presidents

I’m the worst at remembering important dates, except maybe for one. That was the time when Rescue Case #71 was sworn into Big On Beagles (BOB). How could I forget? It happened four years ago this month. Barack Obama had just become the 44th President of the United States. The stray beagle from Scarborough pound […]

Beagle Jerry Maguire says: You complete us!

We’ve got a house guest at the moment. He’s from out of town. He’s having surgery here in the Beach this week so he needed somewhere to crash before and after. I obliged, even if he expects platinum premier service usually reserved for celebrities lodging at luxury hotels. He insists on breakfast-in-couch, tummy massages, complimentary […]

Puppy love knows no age limits

You only need to spend a day at an animal shelter to discover there are a million excuses for abandoning the family pet. Some are legitimate but others, not so much. They range from having a baby, moving to a no-pet-zone, sudden allergies, sudden new lifestyle, to no patience, no conscience. . .the list goes […]

Saved by a slobbery smooch

“Ugh! I’ve been kissed by a dog! Get disinfectant!” – From A Charlie Brown Christmas I’ll never understand Lucy types. Receiving a kiss from a dog can be life-changing…in a good way! It was only a bell’s jingle before Christmas when I burst into a revised version of a Katy Perry song while driving home […]

How a beagle’s pen pal made a difference

When I was working in the fundraising department at the Toronto Humane Society, a big part of my job was responding to donor mail. My favourite letters were those sent by children. There was one in particular I won’t ever forget, and not just because the envelope was lumpy. The author of that letter became […]

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