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Teddy takes the gold for good attitude

I sat down to write this article after watching the captivating closing ceremonies for the Olympics. That’s when it struck – the dreaded writer’s block! Maybe Olympic fever was to blame. I felt like a figure skater about to attempt a triple Salchow for that elusive gold medal. Suddenly, it dawned on me. I was […]

Odie makes the best of opportunity

This is Odie. He’s supposed to be a guinea pig. Rest assured he’s a perfectly capable understudy with high hopes of making the lead role of Pet of the Month his very own. Slammed with yet another snowstorm-of-the-century last weekend, I couldn’t make it to Blackstock to shine the spotlight on the intended star of […]

It’s a wonderful animal life

‘Twas the night before Deadline (& a week before Christmas!) when all through my head, Not a single thought was stirring, not even a thread! Then all of a sudden, a jingle in my ear – The perfect idea for my first tale of the New Year! Imagining applause, I took my bow… For this […]

Georgie crossed the Rainbow Bridge

If you’ve ever been owned by a pet, chances are you’ve heard of the Rainbow Bridge – not the one in Niagara Falls, but the poem. Written by an unknown author, it’s a heart-warming piece exchanged by animal lovers to bring comfort at the toughest moment we share with these fur-clad beings – the moment […]

Officers walk the walk in 55 Division

Minutes after police constables Faisal Nasim and John Youroukos park their van and walk on Gerrard Street East, people start saying hello. “Hi brother!” yells a man riding a bicycle that Youroukos said he had never met before. “Have a safe day!” Just as they leave the Lahore Tikka House, famous for its tandoori dishes […]

Nothing quite like Mama’s love

This is the story of a dog yet to be named. For the time-being, she’s known as Mama. The 3- to 4- year-old shepherd/husky mix has had her share of pups. Nothing extraordinary about that, but there’s more to the nickname than procreation. She also goes by ‘The Matriarch of the North’ and she’s earned […]

Dogged dog owners brave rain in cancer fundraiser

A pack of dedicated dog owners braved heavy rain on June 16 to run, roll and swim with their dogs in the first annual Woof-Fit Mini Triathlon at Balmy Beach. After running 2 km along the boardwalk, dozens of dog owners then rolled on bikes, roller blades and scooters along the Martin Goodman Trail before […]

Preparing for adopting a puppy

I have had a few requests since the end of winter to share some thoughts on what advice I give to anyone considering making the commitment of getting a puppy. Spring and early summer are the most popular times of year for families to welcome a new puppy. The warmer weather certainly makes some of […]

Walking for canine rescue groups at Woofstock

The opposite of love’s indifference – from the song Stubborn Love by The Lumineers My fellow dog rescuers and I are less than a week away from participating in the largest outdoor dog festival in North America. This year marks a decade since our umbrella group, K9 Rescue Me, launched its annual walkathon at WOOFSTOCK! […]

City sniffs out possible leash laws change

Taking a lead from New York City, the City of Toronto is asking residents whether to allow off-leash dogs in some city parks in the early morning and late evening. Such “courtesy hours” would apply only to parks with no off-leash dog areas that meet a checklist of neighbourhood criteria. Ward 32 councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon […]

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