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Pepe still peppy at 15 years old

This spring marks milestone birthdays for two Canadian icons. Tim Hortons celebrates 50 years of donuts – that’s a half century of dunking pleasure! Another Canadian icon is about to turn 15. When you’re a dog, 15 is a milestone birthday. I don’t know how Tim Hortons is marking the occasion but Pepe the Chihuahua […]

Teddy takes the gold for good attitude

I sat down to write this article after watching the captivating closing ceremonies for the Olympics. That’s when it struck – the dreaded writer’s block! Maybe Olympic fever was to blame. I felt like a figure skater about to attempt a triple Salchow for that elusive gold medal. Suddenly, it dawned on me. I was […]

Odie makes the best of opportunity

This is Odie. He’s supposed to be a guinea pig. Rest assured he’s a perfectly capable understudy with high hopes of making the lead role of Pet of the Month his very own. Slammed with yet another snowstorm-of-the-century last weekend, I couldn’t make it to Blackstock to shine the spotlight on the intended star of […]

It’s a wonderful animal life

‘Twas the night before Deadline (& a week before Christmas!) when all through my head, Not a single thought was stirring, not even a thread! Then all of a sudden, a jingle in my ear – The perfect idea for my first tale of the New Year! Imagining applause, I took my bow… For this […]

Walking for canine rescue groups at Woofstock

The opposite of love’s indifference – from the song Stubborn Love by The Lumineers My fellow dog rescuers and I are less than a week away from participating in the largest outdoor dog festival in North America. This year marks a decade since our umbrella group, K9 Rescue Me, launched its annual walkathon at WOOFSTOCK! […]

Seeing Toby’s ‘ghost’ eyes is believing

When we bought our 1850’s farmhouse near Colborne a few years ago, I quickly concluded we had a ghost! Not to worry. Like Casper, he’s a friendly spirit. He also has four legs. As ghosts tend to be, Tobias the Ghost Dog is invisible – except in the eyes of one of our beagles. Ever […]

Year’s first beagle rescue a winner

The hound dog in the tub with the big dreamy eyes has only one New Year’s resolution, aside from keeping sparkly clean. He’s howl-bent on being a better dog. His initial motivation is sure to break your heart. Our bubble bath boy was hoping if he accomplished his objective, his ‘humans’ would come back. But […]

Pets? Yes, there are apps for them too

This Christmas I was one of the many of lucky folks who found an iPad mini under the tree! It was all I wanted, and I’m already wondering what I did without one. I spent a little time over the holidays looking into various apps that I could adorn my new gadget with. In addition […]

Finding room for furry ones during the holidays

Tis the season we raise our champagne flutes and toast to peace on earth, good will towards men! ‘Tis also the season one of my beagles makes a go for the turkey platter, ultimately reminding me of the life-sustaining importance of good will towards dogs. When peace is finally restored, I typically find myself curled […]

November a month for regal beagles and pooch presidents

I’m the worst at remembering important dates, except maybe for one. That was the time when Rescue Case #71 was sworn into Big On Beagles (BOB). How could I forget? It happened four years ago this month. Barack Obama had just become the 44th President of the United States. The stray beagle from Scarborough pound […]

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