Saving the world starts with students

Remember Grade 9 geography class? Let’s see … you figured out the locations of South Africa and the East China Sea, used pencil crayons to make a pretty map of Canada with labels for all the provincial capitals, learned to read a topographic map and made neat bar graphs with extra marks for accuracy. Me, […]

The unpredictable high school change

If you’re lucky, they don’t turn into hoodlums or druggies. Okay, I exaggerate. But it is with some trepidation that you should anticipate the changes that happen to your sweet, young child when he or she makes the big leap from grade school to high school. Much like Dr. Frankenstein, you might be saying, “Sweet […]

Beach hockey families ready to help

A group of Beach hockey-loving dads will be travelling to the Dominican Republic in February with their teenage children, to offer time, labour, supplies and money to an orphanage, with the added hopes of providing their children with a life-changing experience. Ryan Vincent has taken employees and franchisees of his Nutrilawn company to the orphanage […]

Perils and perks of teens taking transit

It’s happened to you before. You’re taking the subway home one day, just beginning to zone out, gazing tiredly into middle-space, musing about what to make for dinner. And then you wake up in a great big hurry, registering HUNDREDS of teenagers pouring into your subway car. Where did they come from?! As the teens […]

Advice for teenagers who don’t want any

In an attempt to prevent our sons from making the same mistakes we did as teens, The Rational One and I have compiled the following list of ‘Things We Wish We’d Known When We were Teenagers’.  We do know that they will immediately discard this advice as out-of-date tripe provided by out-of-touch parents, but nevertheless […]

The fine art of applying for high school

Concerned mom (i.e., me, getting flustered): “Honey, it’s just terribly inconsistent to do it that way.” Fed-up 13 year old (i.e., my daughter, getting impatient): “It’s my portfolio, and I’ll do it my way!” Should she have followed my advice? Who’s to say? In any case, it was her portfolio, about her accomplishments, and her […]