Munni Subhani, dressed in red, centre, prepares the annual thank-you lunch for settlement volunteers at the Mennonite New Life Centre with Sami Haftiz, left, brothers Shehrhan and Zarshaan Allem Hafiz, and Subhani's niece Zunaira Allem, as well as long-time volunteer chef Siva Chinniah, right.

Fifteen years of honouring settlement volunteers

Fifteen years ago, Munni Subhani followed her mother’s good advice. A Beacher and long-time teacher of English as a Second Language, Subhani had recently joined the board at Mennonite New Life Centre – a Toronto settlement agency with an office on Queen Street East. That’s when Subhani’s mother, Begum Afzalun Nessa, suggested they organize a […]

Ask not what your city can do for you…

Happy New Year Ward 32! Each year brings fresh beginnings, new ideas and a chance to start anew. It’s an opportunity to reflect on old habits and past actions and accomplishments while keeping a keen eye on the future. Many of us have seen and learned in life that ‘You Get What You Give’. We […]

5 minutes — 5 questions

One of our highly-valued volunteers –  our volunteers are all highly valued – Su Brown, who delivers on Oakcrest (and is a good friend of my friend Jennifer Iuzi) dropped into the office the other day. She just happened to mention that she enjoys this column, so I told her that was a good reason […]

Volunteers are Beach Metro’s greatest resource

Over the past 40 years, thousands of volunteers have passed through the ranks at Beach Metro News. Every issue, over 300 volunteers hit the streets to deliver 30,000 copies to most doors in the Beach, the Birchcliff Bluffs and East Danforth areas. Volunteers offer up their time for many different reasons; often, when someone has […]