Letters to the Editor: Woman who fell on Queen Street thanks neighbours for their help

As if I needed anything special to reinforce what a wonderful community we have, I want to share with you what happened to me last Thursday (Nov. 8) and send my heartfelt thanks to all of the amazing folks around Beech Avenue who rushed to my aid when, in crossing on the light from the south to the north side of Queen Street to catch a streetcar, I tripped and fell hard, fast and flat out on my face to the unforgiving asphalt.

Stunned and bleeding, I could not get up quickly to avoid oncoming traffic. Suddenly a gentleman ran out to stop traffic. A neighbour rushed to my side to shelter me.

Another gentleman ran into the Bean to get paper napkins to help stop the blood. Only with their help I was able to safely make it to the north side and eventually back home.

Very special thanks to Jennifer Duffield who held me upright and walked with me right into my nearby home and to her lovely daughter who bravely walked to school by herself just so her Mummy could stay with me to “be sure she will be all right.”

Thanks to all of these wonderful folks, I am alright. Fred and I are ever so grateful for their help.

Lynn Woodcroft

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