Virtual Community Consultation Meeting on Quarry Lands set for Dec. 1

A Virtual Community Consultation Meeting on development plans for the Quarry Lands site in southwest Scarborough is set for the evening of Tuesday, Dec. 1.

A Virtual Community Consultation Meeting on development plans for the Quarry Lands site in southwest Scarborough is set for the evening of Tuesday, Dec. 1.

Located northeast of Victoria Park Avenue and Gerrard Street East, the Quarry Lands are a huge site covering approximately 19 acres.

Over the years, the site has been the subject of numerous studies, meetings, consultations and development plans.

In September of 2019, a comprehensive plan for the portion of the lands owned by City of Toronto was revealed to area residents.

That plan by developers DiamondCorp and Kilmer Brownfield calls for a mix of low-rise residential buildings (approximately six to 10 storeys), townhouses, affordable housing and park land on the more westerly portion of the site.

The focus of the Dec. 1 virtual meeting will be on that plan which proposes more than 1,000 new residential units, a large section of public parkland, and two new public streets on the city’s land.

The Quarry Lands are actually two development sites, one of which is owned the city.

The city’s portion of the Quarry Lands is east of Victoria Park Avenue runnings approximately between Gerrard Street East to the south and the railway line to north. The city’s section of land runs east to approximately being even with Tilburn Place which deadends at Gerrard on the south side.

The other property is located east of the city’s land and is usually referred to as the Conservatory lands as it was owned by a company called the Conservatory Group but is more recently known as GCD. That site continues east between the railway tracks and Gerrard and then a portion of Clonmore Drive. That site was approved high-rise residential in the 1960s though no building applications have been put through for it.

Further complicating development plans for the area is that both sites are the former homes of sand and gravel quarries, a brick-making operation and a former municipal landfill.

The quarry on the city site was backfilled with construction material. The quarry on the Conservatory lands was a municipal landfill.

Scarborough Southwest Councillor Gary Crawford, who will be part of the Dec. 1 virtual meeting, has called the Quarry Lands the “most complicated piece of land development in the east end.”

For information on how to take part in virtual meeting which starts at 6:30 p.m., please go to

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