Resident spots what is believed to be a mink near Boardwalk by Balmy Beach

What is believed to be a mink was spotted near the Boardwalk along Balmy Beach on Sunday, Jan. 17. Photo by Digby Cook.

A local resident has spotted what is believed to be a mink living under the Boardwalk near Balmy Beach.

Digby Cook sent in a photo of the animal to Beach Metro News this week.

Cook took the photo on Sunday, Jan. 17.

“This furtive fellow popped up beside the Boardwalk along Balmy Beach,” Cook told Beach Metro News. “According to one wildlife expert we consulted, it’s a mink.”

Cook said sightings of mink in the Beach are relatively rare and “the last recorded one in the area was back in 2017.”

Cook said the animal looked a little nervous “but at least he has a nice warm coat.”

While not a common sight, the population of mink in the Toronto area are growing and there are believed to be numbers of them on the Leslie Street Spit and the Toronto islands.

In a September 2020 article in Beach Metro News about kayaking along the Lake Ontario shore, Richard Dionne mentioned spotting a pair of mink on a berm just west of the foot of Birchmount Road.

Mink are semiaquatic, carnivorous mammals and are part of the family that also includes weasels, otters and ferrets. Mink usually eat fish and other aquatic life, but will also eat birds and other small mammals.

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