Breakfast in the Garden

An early summer morning, complete with sunshine, birdsong and warmth is a treasured moment- requiring the best breakfast ever to be savored and saved in memory but best of all enjoyed in the out of doors – be it terrace, garden, park or balcony. Set a pretty meu, prepare the best breakfast ever and enjoy […]

Even Ducklings Face Daily Challenges

Does this classic kid’s song ring a bell? “Five little ducks went out to play, over the hill and far away, momma duck says, ‘quack quack quack’, but only four little ducks came back” In reality, at this point in the song momma duck is thinking about where her duckling went? While this song ends […]

In My Opinion: Why it’s impossible for Toronto to move forward

It is an election year at City Hall in Toronto and two recent regressive city council decisions have convinced me that in 2018 we are long overdue for a wholesale purge of a large number of members on Toronto city council. Specifically, it is time to replace any incumbents who are running again in the […]

Love is in the water

Over the last year I’ve been trying to figure out where my love of nature will take me in the years to come.  I still haven’t figured it out, but I have narrowed down a common point of interest: wildlife behaviour. The best part of this new focus is that it has renewed my interest […]

More local businesses leaving Main Street

Another business is calling it quits on Main Street. Through The Main Food Company, Fiona Bramzell, who lives on Kingston Road, has been channelling her love of small-batch, locally sourced food. But she’s decided to shutter her shop at 152 Main St. by the end of this month. “This area, no one’s shopping, you know? […]

Fine fabric care on Queen St. East

Since 2002, Alex Winch has operated the Beach Solar Laundromat (2240 Queen St. E.), perhaps the city’s only laundromat that’s also a social venture. The eight solar panels he added above the two-storey building he owns provide power for the water heaters below, and have helped Winch cut his business’ carbon footprint by 30 per […]

New flower shop gets ready to bloom in the Upper Beach

Leslieville resident Robin King said she’s excited to be setting up a flower shop just south of Main Street and Gerrard Street East. The 21-year-old, who already has about five years of experience in the floral industry, will be managing In Bloom Flower Shop (155 Main St.), an independent retailer slated to open May 17. […]

Worried about Queen Street? So am I …

I am also worried about Queen Street! A main street in a beautiful and popular area of the city should not have so many empty shops. High rents notwithstanding, what are some of the other reasons businesses do not last? Possibly, the proprietors have not completed business plans that include financial forecasting for the low […]

On the Wild Side: Red-tailed hawks return to the nest

SPRING IS here. Sure, we can feel the warmer weather, but can you hear the spring, too? If you listen closely, you might catch the tune of the first songbirds coming home (not to mention the “melodious” honk of the Canadian geese). In addition to the longer daylight hours and green shoots coming up in […]