Where there’s a will, there’s a way

My name is Martin Gladstone and I am delighted to contribute to this column.  I have been a lawyer in the greater Beach and Danforth area for many years, as well as a musician in my past life – who still loves to play.  Over time, I hope to share some practical and hopefully valuable […]

Do-it-yourself saves money

DIYs are some of the best ways to save money. That means ‘do it yourself’, rather than pay someone else, or buy something new. This isn’t always well received at our house because my husband says that it usually means I come up with the idea, and he has to execute it – never a […]

Beach market shows consistent growth

As the spring rolls around into summer, the true beauty of the Beach is on full display. Our glorious oak trees have unravelled to reveal their towering majesty, and our urban forest and sea of greenery that we live beneath, within, and surrounded by here in our wonderful neighbourhood, has once again surpassed expectations. The […]

Philanthropy a benefit for the giver and the community

More and more the news covers stories about the ultra-rich giving away their wealth, namely Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. Even Canada’s own Paul Martin has established a charitable foundation which benefits First Nations peoples. The same can be said for many of Canada’s leading families. There is no doubt there is a growing income […]

Refurbished electronics a smarter way to save money

Are you one of those people who have to buy the latest high-tech gadget, even though you bought the previous generation model just last year? Then you are not much interested in saving money on electronics. If, on the other hand, you’re like me, you have issues keeping up with the latest electronic gadgetry. These […]

Massaging the real estate numbers

Statistics can be used to back up most points of view. And as we all know, statistics can be managed in such a way as to strengthen or weaken a point of view. Some stats, too, can be twigged slightly to accommodate the user’s needs. Sadly, the old line ‘statistics don’t lie’ has become simply […]

Planning in a changing economy

Interest rates have reached a historic low. Investors are searching for secure investments earning 2.75 per cent and settling for 2.5 per cent and 2 per cent. By comparison, in the 1980s, a 30 year bond earned 18 per cent and mortgage rates were over 20 per cent. How have many Canadians responded to today’s […]

Winter turns thoughts to travel

In my last column, I mentioned that I was going to look into cutting costs on cable and the internet. After a lot of research, my head threatened to explode. To avoid that happening, I decided to turn my attentions elsewhere – travel! You have read about how much I love shopping with my sisters […]

Spring comes early to Beach real estate market

In case you haven’t realized, it’s the middle of February. I know the robin I saw the other day didn’t realize it. No, this isn’t your typical winter. Well, at least not yet I guess. But we’re not out of the woods yet, as we could still get whacked by Mother Nature and Old Man […]

Different approaches to retirement

This column continues retirement planning examples from the Nov. 29 issue of Beach Metro News. In this issue, we will look at the individual who has no pension; one is an employee and the other is an individual who has run his own business for the last 32 years. As in the previous article, both […]