In My Opinion: Let’s make sure we get our new waterfront right

By PAULA FLETCHER, TORONTO-DANFORTH COUNCILLOR Going down to the water’s edge is one of life’s joys. We are so lucky in Toronto to have so many wonderful neighbourhoods that are close to Lake Ontario. As waterfront development moves east, new homes, businesses and public spaces continue to sprout along our waterfront including the Corus Building, […]

Free mental health sessions starting September 11

Every Tuesday evening for nearly four years now, people have been gathering at Community Centre 55 because they, or a loved one, face a mental wellness challenge. There is the depressive who has worn out his family support because he is constantly morose and continually seeks ways to become happy—ways his family doesn’t know how […]

Plastic waste a serious threat to our marine environments

Earlier this year, a report in the journal Science found that the likelihood of disease increases from four per cent to 89 per cent when corals are in contact with plastic. The authors estimate that 11.1 billion plastic items are already entangled on coral reefs across the Asia-Pacific and project this number to increase 40 […]