Community stands to speak up for what’s right

I love my job. I absolutely love my job! This month I got to see five communities find their voices individually and collectively. Five school communities faced a problem, grappled with it, found leadership, shared leadership, found their message, shaped it and pounded it into a clear reflection of their feelings and beliefs. I got […]

The art of getting it done at the last minute

These days, Jon, it would appear as if nothing can get done until the very last possible minute. It’s as if these 11th hour break-through deals and compromises demonstrate to those who are not in the obvious know that the parties involved are steadfast in their principles, uncompromising in their proposals, decidedly opposed to reaching […]

Ask not what your city can do for you…

Happy New Year Ward 32! Each year brings fresh beginnings, new ideas and a chance to start anew. It’s an opportunity to reflect on old habits and past actions and accomplishments while keeping a keen eye on the future. Many of us have seen and learned in life that ‘You Get What You Give’. We […]

Centre 55 needs your help to Share A Christmas

Yes, as hard as it is to believe, Christmas will be here and gone next week. Are you ready? Really! Have you bought the food, found the toys, baked the goodies, completed the shopping and wrapping, and decorated your home? Now what? Here at Community Centre 55 we have been planning for Christmas since January, […]

A time for celebration, but also a time for preparation

We must celebrate! Last week, Highland Companies – the corporate potato farmers providing cover for the world’s ninth largest hedge fund, Boston’s Baupost – pulled the plug on their plans to build North America’s second-largest quarry just north of Toronto. This would have been no ordinary quarry. It was to be a hole that would […]

Consider lending a hand during this Christmas season

Who doesn’t love a parade, especially one that’s close to home? On Sunday, Nov. 25, please bring your family out and join us for the Beach Santa Claus Parade. It starts at 1 p.m. at Victoria Park, and runs along Kingston Road and up to Community Centre 55 for hot chocolate, crafts and free Santa […]

Introducing the new Queen Street East Urban Design Guidelines

After a lot of hard work, we are close to having stronger planning rules in the Beach! It has been an exciting journey for the past five months, hearing local residents’ hopes and visions for our main street. This spring I asked the city’s planning department to conduct a Visioning Study so that you, the […]

Garth Clark

Let’s look at two of the biggest stories in the news today, and see if there are any comparisons between them, and if there are any lessons one side can learn from the other. I’m talking of course about the NHL lockout, and Premier Dalton McGuinty’s prorogation of the Ontario Legislature. Here’s where the two […]

Mobile crisis intervention team a winning solution

On Sept. 26, on behalf of 54 and 55 Division, I was invited to participate in a presentation to the Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) in support of the Toronto East General Hospital application for a Mobile Crisis Intervention Team (MCIT).  The MCIT is dedicated to the dignified treatment of emotionally disturbed persons […]

From public transit, to a city by design, to soup

A couple of weeks ago, Olivia Chow’s Private Member’s Bill calling for a national public transit strategy – which I was proud to second – was rejected by Conservative Members of Parliament.  The bill was a very popular initiative here in Beaches/ East York.  Although held on a rainy, foggy night and confounded by a […]