Public input wanted: is the provincial budget election material?

Families have been telling me in recent months that their biggest concerns are jobs, health care and the cost of living. The budget announced by the Liberal government does not do nearly enough to address these priorities. There are nearly 600,000 people looking for work in this province, and yet the budget lacks solutions to […]

Politically co-opted reflections

Malvern Collegiate Institute offers senior students (in grade 11 and 12) the opportunity to participate in a co-op program. In my experience, this is an eye-opening course that gives student a reality check on society’s working world. As a proud participant of the program, I would like to share my experience working alongside the Ward […]

Why the Beach needs a subway

We heard it over and over again in the last municipal election: we need to expand our transit system to get people home from work faster. While this may be true, it is shortsighted and leads to the ongoing transit mediocrity we have been mired in for decades. We don’t need a transit system that […]

Dealing with budgets, bullying and overcrowding

By now you have read or heard the Drummond recommendations for the Provincial budget. I expect you are sick to death of listening to kvetching about budgets – provincial, city and now education. As am I. However you need to know that this year, to paraphrase Queen Elizabeth, it is ‘Budget Horribilis’. This will be […]

2012 city budget: something for everyone

After much consideration and negotiation, we passed the 2012 budget at city council two weeks ago. It was a contentious and exciting time to be here and be part of pulling together an inspirational coalition of councillors and constituents who stood up for the services and priorities that matter most to Torontonians. Our balanced approach […]

Province needs to allow more public input

There are skeptics who hold the view that they are powerless to influence political change.  This is not generally true.  Public input is sought at all levels of the political process though the establishment of committees whose job entails listening to people and making modifications to policies and programs.  The City of Toronto has such […]

Old questions can lead to new vision of Canada

The Conservatives, free from the constraints of minority government, made up for lost time.  They chose to build and fill prisons when seniors and children need care. They chose to abolish the gun registry over pleas for safety.  In Attawapiskat, they chose to audit books rather than provide shelter.  They chose corporate tax cuts over […]

Christmas spirit is different for those families in need

How many times a day do you think about Christmas?  Maybe you have hundreds of thoughts about the upcoming holiday, because of the Christmas music, advertisements and shopping. You’re thinking about all the food you’ll be eating that day and during the period leading up to Christmas. You’re also thinking about the toys your children […]