Free mental health sessions starting September 11

Every Tuesday evening for nearly four years now, people have been gathering at Community Centre 55 because they, or a loved one, face a mental wellness challenge. There is the depressive who has worn out his family support because he is constantly morose and continually seeks ways to become happy—ways his family doesn’t know how […]

Plastic waste a serious threat to our marine environments

Earlier this year, a report in the journal Science found that the likelihood of disease increases from four per cent to 89 per cent when corals are in contact with plastic. The authors estimate that 11.1 billion plastic items are already entangled on coral reefs across the Asia-Pacific and project this number to increase 40 […]

Keeping the Beach vibrant is up to all of us

For a while there have been rumblings of the Beach’s slow demise. Despite the recent media reports, we continue to see new businesses open and others expanding. The Beach business community is resilient, and with the many community-based projects filling the calendars of the spring, summer and fall, the Beach is offering more for its […]

In My Opinion: Why it’s impossible for Toronto to move forward

It is an election year at City Hall in Toronto and two recent regressive city council decisions have convinced me that in 2018 we are long overdue for a wholesale purge of a large number of members on Toronto city council. Specifically, it is time to replace any incumbents who are running again in the […]

Worried about Queen Street? So am I …

I am also worried about Queen Street! A main street in a beautiful and popular area of the city should not have so many empty shops. High rents notwithstanding, what are some of the other reasons businesses do not last? Possibly, the proprietors have not completed business plans that include financial forecasting for the low […]

In My Opinion: Finding gratitude in the gifts of community

Thanks to everyone who shared their stories for this year’s Winter Writing Contest. It is always a treat to see the variety of entries and be reminded that there are many talented wordsmiths right here in our neighbourhood. This year’s entries were particularly special to read because they focused on gifts – personal stories that […]

Nathaniel Erskine-Smith

In My Opinion: Global leadership starts here at home

I recently met with Muhammad Yunus, economist, social entrepreneur, and Nobel Peace Prize winner for his pioneering work in microfinance. We talked about his ideas for a world of zero poverty, zero unemployment, and zero net carbon emissions. He also spoke about Canada’s fortunate position in comparison to other countries, and concluded: “So the burden […]